The GMC Sierra is a truck the combines ruggedness and luxury. It can not be the most an effective in the class, but it absolutely is versatile and comfortable. Plus, GMC offers various trim levels, engines, and features. But, sometimes, it’s no that simple to tell castle apart. So, let’s discover out what room the key differences between all the GMC Sierras.

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What is the difference between SLT and SLE in the GMC Sierra?

The GMC Sierra SLE is a step over the entry-level model, and also it comes through the smallest engine to add a straightforward but comfortable interior. The SLT is a much more luxurious version. It has a typical V8 and also a ten-speed automatic transmission, plus accessible packages and also bigger wheels. In ascending order of features and price, GMC the end the Sierra right into the following: Base, SLE, Elevation, SLT, AT4, and Denali.

As its surname states, the entry-level Sierra basic is a no-frills functioning truck. Some of the features in this trim bring over to the next, and also so forth. In some cases, the more expensive design comes with better options.

The many luxurious GMC Sierra easily accessible is the Denali. Interestingly, the doesn’t come with 4WD as standard, right for urban drivers. Top top the various other hand, the ideal Sierra because that off-road fanatics is the AT4, i beg your pardon comes just with four-wheel-drive and improved suspension.

Thanks to GMC’s multitude the engines, numerous of these trim level come through the alternative to pick everything from inline-four to V8 powerplants. But, you cannot opt for the diesel engine on the basic model.

A typical trend in most manufacturers, not only GMC, provides plenty of available packages for even the most an easy level. In the case of the Sierra, it’s no different. Packages encompass the snow Plow, X31 Off-Road, and also Trailering Package, accessible for the SLE. Yet the SLT comes with its very own optional packages.

We’ll go through some of the main attributes each trim gives in the adhering to section.

What functions do the GMC Sierra SLE and also SLT come with?

With therefore many alternatives and trim levels, it’s tough to keep track the what every truck bring to the table. So, we made decision to summarize our findings because that you. This table reflects some, no all, the the functions each the the GMC Sierra’s trim levels come with.

FeaturesSierra (Base)SLEElevationSLTAT4Denali
Standard engine4.3L V62.7L I4 2.7L I4 5.3L V85.3L V85.3L V8
Transmission (automatic)Six-speedEight-speedEight-speedEight-speed (2WD) and Ten-Speed (4WD)Ten-SpeedTen-Speed
Engine options2.7L I4 and 5.3L V83.0L Diesel I63.0L Diesel I6All native SLE and also BaseNone6.2L V8
Transmission optionsEight-speedTen-speedTen-speedNoneNoneNone
Wheels17 inches17 inch with six spokes20 inches with Black Glass paint18-in machined aluminum18-in machined aluminum and also off road wheels20-in multi-dimensional aluminum
Audio SystemSix speakerSirius XMSirius XMPremium HD RadioPremium HD RadioBose Premium
Rear vision CameraYesYesYesHDHDAvailable HD Surround vision
Snow Plow prep PackageOptionalNoNoNoNoNo
X31 Off-Road PackageOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Trailering PackageOptionalOptionalOptionalStandardStandardStandard
GMC protection PackageOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Other featuresCargo just lightningLeather steering wheel, heated prior seats, far startSimilar come SLE, with clothed behind seat. Elevation black color Package availableAvailable Texas and Texas to add package.Available Off-Road Performance. Comes through Skid Plates and lift kitAvailable v Denali ultimate Edition

As you deserve to see, the GMC Sierra SLT and SLE come with unique features, yet they’re still within the center of the price range. There’s small mechanical difference between the SLE and the Elevation. But, the latter provides an ext aesthetic upgrades.

An interesting facet is the the AT4, the off-road version, comes through skid plates, a 2-in. Lift, and also exclusive off-road tires.

The SLT also comes through interior features like a strength outlet and a premium infotainment system.

But it likewise comes through two to exclude, premium packages. These are the Texas version packages, which market luxury and also themed interiors.

Now the we’ve discussed some the the attributes in the different Sierra trim levels, let’s talk about one the the most essential aspects: pricing.

How lot do the GMC Sierra SLE and SLT cost?

The complying with table shows beginning prices the the various Sierra trim levels. Save in mind that these are only references, and they might change in her location.

Sierra 1500 (Base)SLEElevationSLTAT4Denali

Additional functions can increase these values. For example, optional engines prefer the 3.0L Diesel will certainly cost around $1,000. So, it’s ideal to usage these prices together a beginning point.

As we have the right to see, the GMC Sierra uses plenty of options. So, let’s talk about how the stacks up versus the competition.

How carry out the GMC Sierra SLE and SLT compare v the competition?

The GMC Sierra’s main rivals are the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150, and Ram 1500. Other brands incorporate Toyota with the Tundra and also Nissan with the Titan XD.

The complying with table summarizes the different trim level from the three main competitors and also their prices. Us cannot dive right into the features of each, together it would certainly exceed the purpose of this article. But, it’s worth highlight the GMC and also Chevrolet both belong to general Motors.

The Sierra and also the Silverado space mechanically identical. Yet GMC intends to fit a more luxurious lifestyle, when Chevrolet is an ext for working.

Manufacturers don’t necessarily have actually the same amount of trim levels. So, we carry out some the the models available, and also we encompass the cheapest and also most expensive.

BrandTrim LevelPrice
GMCSierra 1500 (Base)$29,795
ChevroletWork Truck$28,995
Trail Boss$41,395
High Country$55,545
King Ranch$58,025
Big Horn$38,985

As you deserve to see, the simple GMC Sierra is cheaper 보다 both Ford and also Ram. However GM’s decision to location it as a deluxe truck come through, as it is $1000 much more expensive 보다 the Silverado.

As the alternatives begin to increase in regards to luxury, the Sierra doesn’t come to be the many expensive. In fact, it’s substantially cheaper 보다 Ford’s most luxurious option.

Both the SLT and SLE options from GMC sell competitive pricing for the functions they come with. A fun detail is the Ram additionally offers an SLT that is within variety with GMC’s option.

The united state truck market is an extremely competitive. With a small number of brands contending for buyers, it’s common to see that plenty of of these will offer similar features. So, don’t expect any kind of surprises.

Perhaps the only peculiarity in this table is the the Ford F-150 restricted edition is roughly $17500 an ext than that nearest competitor. It’s up to an individual preference even if it is it’s precious the money.

This pattern have the right to come with as an advantage. Through so numerous options, buyers can choose from an easy to luxurious trim level while still being cheaper 보다 the competition.

Closing thoughts

The GMC Sierra comes with plenty the trim options. Because of the variety, numerous are left wondering what’s the difference between the SLT and also SLE. This article intends to prize this and also explain what the various GMC Sierra trim levels offer.

The SLE is a step above the most an easy Sierra, well-known as the Sierra 1500. It comes through a conventional 2.7L inline-four gasoline engine, which offers adequate power, an excellent fuel mileage. But it doesn’t live up to par as soon as it involves towing.

The SLT is a much more luxurious version, with much better interior features and other obtainable engines. Friend can select the 3.0L Duramax TurboDiesel Inline-six, which is good for towing, thanks to that is low-end torque.

But GMC likewise offers devoted and high-end trims. The AT4 is geared an ext towards off-roading through exclusive tires and a 2-in lift. The Denali trim is the many luxurious, and also you can even upgrade it through the ultimate edition.

As much as the competition, though GMC is GM’s deluxe option, it still sit in the middle of the pack when pricing. It uses a comparable amount that trims come Ford and Chevrolet. But Ram gives an exceptional twelve trim options.


Pricing is continuously competitive, and this renders perfect sense. V such a minimal number of alternatives in the us truck market, these manufacturers have to outdo the rest and stay in ~ budget. So, though the entry-level Sierra isn’t the cheapest, the Denali isn’t the most expensive luxury trim the end there. That honor goes to the Ford F-150 Limited.

If you want to know more about what each trim level come with, be sure to visit the manufacturer’s website. There plenty of more exciting attributes the Sierra needs to offer.

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For the moment, us hope that this short article gives friend the important information to understand what sets every GMC Sierra trim level apart.