Engage: The 10% move Explore: Who"s eating Whom? describe 1: Food Chains describe 2: Food Webs describe 3: Go v the Flow. . . Of the Arrows! Elaborate: producing Food Chains, Webs, and Energy Pyramids

If you space a runner, you desire to monitor the 10% rule. You must never rise your weekly mileage by more than 10% from week to week.

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Some people believe that we just use 10% of ours brains. Actually this is a misconception. Us use every one of our brain.

In some states, you need to pay a 10% earnings tax.

On plenty of TV present competitions, just the height 10% that the contestants relocate to the next level.

So what precisely is 10%, and also what does that represent?

You have the right to think of 10% as one part of ten parts.

For example, if you had 10 glasses that water, one glass that water would stand for 10 percent, or one-tenth.

You can additionally write it as a decimal.

10% = .1

 Do you need a intuitive of 10%? It would look like this!



What would certainly it look favor if you moved 10% that the liquid into another container?It would certainly look like this!


And what would it look prefer if you moved 10% the the liquid in the second container?

What would certainly 10% the 10% watch like?Here is an example :


In an ecosystem, about 10% of one organism"s energy is moved to an additional organism when it is eaten.

The circulation of power from one biology to one more is visualized in a food chain.

Explore: Who"s eat Whom?

Go on one adventure, and also explore the organisms the live in Antarctica.Build a food web that shows how food chains are associated in one ecosystem.Click ~ above the snapshot below to start the adventure!

*Note*The activity will open in a new window. Top top completion, close the window to return to this page.



explain 1: Food chains

An important abiotic factor within an community is energy. Power is transferred once one organism is consumed by one more organism. A food chain is an easy way to diagram the flow of energy in a community.Click on the photo to watch the video clip to learn around food chains.

The video clip will open in a brand-new window. After ~ the video plays, close the home window to go back to this page.Record notes from the video clip in your scientific research notebook or usage the Cornell notes situated in the “Related Items” ar below.

As you clock the video, think about the complying with questions:

How does power flow in a food chain?What is the ultimate resource of power in a food chain or food web?What 2 things carry out all organisms need to grow and also survive?Why is just 10% that the power consumed by an biology passed come the next level?
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Image courtesy of Richard Kern
define 2: Food network

All the food chain in an ecosystem space interconnected and are stood for by a food web. Food webs show the interdependence among organisms. A food internet for an ecosystem is an extremely complex.


Some food webs encompass decomposers. Decomposers incorporate organisms such as bacteria and also fungi. Decomposers breakdown dead and decaying organic matter.

Watch the following video clip to learn about food webs.Click on the snapshot to watch the video.




The video clip will open in a brand-new window. ~ the video clip plays, nearby the home window to return to this page. Document notes indigenous the video in your science notebook or usage the Cornell notes located in the “Related Items” ar below.As you watch the video, consider the following questions:

How space food chains pertained to a food web?Why room food webs therefore complex?What is the prominence of knowledge the flow of power within an ecosystem?
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Image courtesy that Richard Kern
define 3: Go v the Flow. . . That the Arrows!

Arrows ~ above a food chain, or food web, represent the flow the energy. The placement of the arrows in a food chain or food internet is an extremely important. The arrows constantly show the direction of the energy as the is transferred from one organism to another.

The flow of power can likewise be represented within one energy pyramid.Notice exactly how the food chain have the right to be modeled in an energy pyramid.

All organisms, straight or indirectly, obtain their power from the Sun.Energy operation from the bottom to the top layer that the pyramid.Approximately 10% of an organism’s energy is moved to an additional organism.Some speak to it the 10% Rule.


Recall the beakers of water uncovered in the engage reading. If the water in the beakers stood for the power being moved from one trophic or feeding level come the next, exactly how would the power pyramid look?


Do girlfriend Need much more Help?The following video clip provides added help v the correct placement of the arrows in a food web.

Video courtesy of note Drollinger
Elaborate: producing Food Chains, Webs, and also Energy Pyramids
Food Chains, Food Webs, and also Energy Pyramids

Copy and paste the connect code above.

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