Here's exactly how to fix the convoluted puzzles in the Resident evil 7 playable teaser start Hour, gain the Dirty Coin, and how to usage it. How to gain all the endings in the Resident angry 7 demo.

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Resident evil 7 start Hour features exceptionally convoluted and opaque mysteries sheathe within every other, and solving them every gets you things called the Dirty Coin, i beg your pardon carries over into Resident evil 7 proper.

The complying with Resident angry 7 guide reveals just how you can obtain the Dirty Coin. As soon as you"ve lastly got that in her possession, you can fire increase our Resident angry 7 walkthrough and find out how to usage it in the game, in addition to the various other antique coins. We"ll also cover how to acquire all the Resident evil 7 demo endings.

Getting every the Resident angry 7 Demo Endings

As quickly as you begin the demo, go to the fireplace in the room you start in and also find the chain inside to open a crawlspace. Take the Fuse you discover in the corner. Go earlier into the room and also use the Fuse in the breaker box. Go out into the hallway and go into the moldy door on the right. Keep going until you check out a was standing on the best with drawers. Open up the drawer to discover a empty Notebook.


Go to the hallway and find the stairs top top the means to the kitchen. In ~ the basic of the stairs, there"s an additional table through drawers. Find it to discover a Dummy"s Finger. Head increase the stairs and also push the button that states “stairs” on it to reduced some stairs come the attic. Walk up the stairs and continue under the hallway and also enter the an initial door top top the right. In the room, remain to the left the the room and look top top the floor by the bed to discover the Basement Key. Climate look behind the heap of TVs to find an item Made the Celluloid. Get in your inventory and also combine the thing Made of Celluloid and also the Dummy"s Finger to develop the Dummy"s Left Hand.

Head earlier to the moldy door top top the first floor and enter it. In ~ the end of this corridor top top the left, you"ll uncover a gate. Usage the Basement an essential to open up this gate and descend come the basement. As soon as down the stairs, head best towards the white door. Enter the room, climate head right. Turn around back towards the door you came in to uncover Jack Baker blocking it together a monster drops in from the ceiling. Rotate around and also turn right to go into the room v shelves. Walk to the back of the room to discover a doll on a shelf. Next to it is the Attic home window Key, which you need to grab. Effort to escape with the morgue room without getting hit by the monster. If friend are, you"ll gain infected before you can complete the demo and also the video game will end. If the monster notices you, choose up a surrounding body bag and kick it into the monster to knock it down so you have the right to escape. If the keeps hunting you together you get in the room with the shelves and use the shelves to entice the monster deeper into the room to develop an opened to make a break for the exit. Kick under the door till it opens and also you escape.

Go ago to the attic room wherein you gained the Basement an essential and look at the wall surface to the right of the pile of TVs. Interact with it come learn about five murders, which will create a boy giggling. Go earlier down the stairs to the first floor and look in ~ the collapse bookcase in ~ the foot of them. Get in your inventory and also examine the Dummy"s Left Hand. Revolve it so the the finger is pointing come the bookcase to trigger a disturbing noise and also text in the empty Notebook.

Return to the attic and also head to the finish of the hallway wherein there"s a boarded-up door. You have to hear another giggle. Go ago to the basement to the room whereby you challenged the monster. It shouldn"t be over there now. Look for a human body bag on a gurney straight in prior of you. Suggest at it through the Dummy"s Left Hand come trigger one more disturbing sound and an ext text in the notebook.

On the wall surface to the ideal of the basement stairs is a maker with a Lock choose on it, i beg your pardon you should grab. Walk upstairs and head to the kitchen and find the locked drawer on the left side. Use the Lock pick here and grab the Axe inside. You should also get the Bolt Cutters and Derelict home Footage VHS ice cream here. Go to the very first floor stairs and also climb halfway as much as a paint of a woman. Struggle the paint with the Axe to trigger one more giggle. Go down again and into the alcove beneath the stairs where there is a boarded-up door. Point the Dummy"s Left Hand in ~ the door to trigger an ext noise and also text in the notebook.

Step earlier into the hallway and also do a 180 turn maneuver v the left thumbstick and B/Circle come trigger more giggling. Go ago to the attic and look in ~ the rafter in the bedroom with the ladder in the window. You"ll check out a blue and white wire that cross increase there. Allude the Dummy"s Left Hand at wherein the wires cross to trigger an ext noise and text.


Go earlier to the room wherein you began the demo and also watch the ice cream on the TV there. When you"re playing through the past, take the lid off the pot the soup in the kitchen. ~ the ice cream is done, go back to the basement to the room whereby you uncovered the Attic home window Key. There will certainly be a doll on the floor the wasn"t over there before. Crouch beside it to cause a giggle. Walk to the kitchen and point the Dummy"s Left Hand at the soup top top the counter to cause the last noise and text.

Walk ago to the attic room with the ladder resulting in the home window and turn appropriate to view a door extended in bloody smears and also handprints. Get in to discover a rocking chair through a post on it. Read the message and also grab the Dirty Coin. Climate escape v the window at the optimal of the ladder making use of the Attic home window Key.

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The Dirty Coin will appear in Resident evil 7 proper if you"ve done every this in beginning Hour and also functions together an extra neck Coin that you have the right to use to purchase upgrades at bird cages. If you want an even an ext robust challenge, you can replay the entirety game and get a totally different set of neck Coin areas in Madhouse mode.