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The nurse offered Romeo a ring indigenous Juliet.

The Nurse had actually just informed Juliet about the tragic occasion which has resulted in Romeo"s banishment. Romeo, Tybalt, Mercutio and others had been associated in a knife fight and Mercutio was killed by Tybalt who then fled v his gang. They...

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The nurse offered Romeo a ring native Juliet.

The Nurse had actually just notified Juliet around the tragic occasion which has actually resulted in Romeo"s banishment. Romeo, Tybalt, Mercutio and also others had been associated in a knife fight and also Mercutio was eliminated by Tybalt that then fled through his gang. They reverted later and also the hit continued. In the process, Romeo eliminated Tybalt.

When Benvolio speak the Prince that Romeo to be responsible because that Tybalt"s death, the Prince declares:

"And for the offence  Immediately we do exile him thus ...

... Allow Romeo therefore in haste,  Else, as soon as he"s found, that hour is his last."

This expected that if Romeo to be to be found, he would be executed. Juliet is get rid of with grief top top hearing around the death of her beloved cousin Tybalt however is utterly distraught to understand that Romeo was responsible because that his death. She had actually just acquired married come Romeo in Friar Laurence"s cell and had plan to fulfill him later that evening to consummate your marriage. The Nurse had carried along ropes i m sorry Juliet must hang the end of her window that night for Romeo come reach her chamber.

For Juliet, Romeo"s banishment is greater that death:

"That "banished," that one native "banished,"  Hath slain ten thousand Tybalts."

Juliet feel that her marriage would not be consummated since death had actually intervened:

"But I, a maid, die maiden-widowed.  Come, cords, come, nurse; I"ll to my wedding-bed;  And death, no Romeo, take my maidenhead!"

She feels the Romeo gift banished is as good as him gift dead. The Nurse, in an attempt to carry out Juliet v some comfort, guarantees to go back to Romeo (she knows that he is hiding in Friar Laurence"s cell) and ask him to involved Juliet. Juliet, in a right of passion, cries out:

"O, uncover him! give this ring to mine true knight,  And bid him concerned take his last farewell."

The ring is clear a token that her love, forgiveness, and trust and would provide Romeo the assurance the he requirements to danger his life and return to her.

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When the Nurse later on meets Romeo in ~ Friar Laurence"s cell, we have learned that Romeo had reached the suggest of wishing to death himself, due to the fact that he was overwrought and also distressed about losing Juliet. The Nurse notifies him that she would tell Juliet that he would return. She then gives him the ring.