A lit wrench irradiate on her Ford escape dashboard is virtually always negative news. Many Ford Escape owner have referred to as it the “Orange Wrench of Death.” Here’s what you should know.

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But that’s just a generic answer, here’s what it actually way on a Ford Escape.


What go the ‘Wrench’ light mean on my Ford Escape?

The wrench light is similar to the “Check Engine” light, but much more serious. A inspect Engine light can mean other as simple as, “It’s time because that a regime oil change.” A Wrench light, however, method that there has actually been some sort of powertrain fault with your Ford Escape. 

There room several feasible reasons why the Wrench light could come on. The only way to diagnose the trouble is to take your automobile to a Ford dealership and have a technician check out the error codes in the engine’s computer. Here are few of the most common Ford Escape difficulties that can cause the Wrench irradiate to illuminate:

Low voltageLow boostAbnormal temperature differences between block & cylinder headFaulty oil coolerElectronic accelerator body problemPowertrain sensor problem

The Wrench Light and “Limp” Mode

If your Ford Escape’s ‘Wrench’ light come on, girlfriend probably already know the there is a serious difficulty with the vehicle. That’s because your Ford escape will an ext than likely have actually experienced a sudden loss the power. When the Escape’s computer system detects the a powertrain ingredient is failing, it will limit the vehicle’s power to prevent the driver native doing an ext damage to those components.

When that happens, the vehicle instantly engages “Limp” mode. Power is minimal and you might only be able to strain 5 to 10 mph out of it. Pressing down the gas pedal harder go nothing.

Here’s an example from a Ford escape driver whose orange ‘Wrench’ light come on. His auto engages Limp mode while he’s in morning traffic:

Notice that while “Limp” mode is engaged, the Ford escape is just able to “limp” follow me at around 3 mph to obtain to the side of the road.

What come Do as soon as Your Ford to escape Wrench Light comes On

When the ‘Wrench’ light comes on in your Ford Escape, it’s best to follow the steps that the driver take it above:

Turn your emergency flashers onPull over to the next of the road safelyTurn off every dashboard electronic devices (radio, A/C, etc.)Shut turn off the engineTurn the engine earlier on to watch if “Limp” setting & ‘Wrench’ light are disengaged

Sometimes this will certainly reset the automobile and permit you come resume steering at regular speed. If the vehicle does not reset, your best option will be to contact a tow truck.


Note: Just due to the fact that the vehicle starts up and also runs again go not typical that there is no difficulty with her vehicle’s powertrain. A ‘Wrench’ light is nearly always an indication of a serious difficulty with her vehicle. The only method to effectively diagnose the trouble is to have a Ford technician scan the vehicle’s fault codes.

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An worry with the powertrain sensors is one of the most usual complaints that leads come Ford escape ‘Wrench’ lights illuminating. If her vehicle’s powertrain warranty is still in effect, those repairs will be covered. If the car is no longer under warranty, you’ll it is in paying the end of pocket to sheathe the costs connected with the failure.