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ax _ room a repertoire of worksheets.

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Definition Workbooks
Term What is the location of the blank workbook that opens once you first start Excel indigenous the windows begin menu?
Definition Book1
Term The number of worksheets that a workbook can contain is _
Definition Limited by computer memory
Term In excel, any collection of personalities containing a letter, hyphen (as in call number), or an are is taken into consideration _.
Definition Text
Term If you favor using the keyboard, rather of the mouse, you have the right to press ALT an essential on the key-board to display a (n)_.
Definition Key pointer badge
Term In excel, anumber have the right to contain the characters
Definition All the the above
Term To go into a number such together 6,000,000,000,000,000 girlfriend can type 6,000,000,000,000,000 or you can type _.
Definition 6K000
Term A _ is a collection of 2 or much more adajacent cell in a shaft or heat or a rectangular team of cells.
Definition Range
Term saving the workbook typically is necessary for the adhering to reason:
Definition If you lose power, the worksheet can be lost
Term an altering the font type, an altering the font layout to bold, boosting the font size, and changing the font color is called _.
Definition Adjusting, coloring and also sizing and formatting
Term Combining 2 or an ext cells with each other is called _ cells.
Definition Merging
Term dividing a cabinet into an ext than one cabinet is dubbed _.
Definition Splitting
Term What effect does the bookkeeping Number style have top top the selected cells?
Definition Causes cells with two decimal areas to align vertically correct.
Term What effect does the Comma Style style have on the selected cells?
Definition Causes the cell to display with two decimal places and also commas together thousands seperators
Term which an essential on the keyboard toggles in between insert and overtype mode?
Definition Insert
Term which keyboard key moves the insertion allude to the beginning of a data in a cell?
Definition Home
Term The _ switch on the house tab is the only command that gets rid of btoh the cabinet entry and the cell formatting.
Definition Delete
Term when you click the _, situated in the upper left edge of the woindow as displayed in the accompying figure, Excel diplays the office button
Definition Office Button
Term The commandsto insert a graph are located on the _ tab.
Definition Insert
Term To start a new line in a cell, press _ after every line,
Definition Tab+Enter
Term If a cell has a two-digit year that 32, Excel automatically changes it to a four-digit year of_
Definition 1932
Term Every time you enter a value into a cabinet in the worksheet, Excel automatically _ formulas
Definition Recalculates all
Term as soon as excel complies with the bespeak of operations, the formula 8*3+2, equals
Definition 26
Term every one of the following are valid excel arithmetic operators other than _.
Definition >
Term once an error wake up in a formula in a cell, excel screens the _ buttonnext come the cell and also identifies the cell v the error by put a eco-friendly triangle in the upper left of the cell.

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Definition Trace Error
Term utilizing the _ switch on the ribbon instructs Excel to display additional decimal places ina cell.
Definition Increase Decimal