One Piece: The 10 finest Episodes of The The Enies Lobby Arc (According come IMDb) One Piece"s Enies Lobby arc was one of the best in the anime. Right here we rank the ten most well-known episodes, follow to your rating top top IMDb.

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well-known anime One Piece is recognized for its well-written arcs. Few of the arcs in the collection are increase there v the ideal when it comes to the best anime arcs in general. Enies Lobby arc is what pan would call "peak One Piece." Enies Lobby is to fill with an excellent action and also a excellent story.

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In this arc, the Straw Hats go up against the Cipher Pol 9 in order to conserve Robin. Robin"s previous was revealed in this arc and also frankly, it was so emotional. The arc started in illustration 264 and it ran until episode 312. Today we will be ranking the ideal episodes the this arc, follow to their IMDb ratings.

Lucci was struggling after ~ Luffy used his equipment 3 attacks. That barely regulated to stand up after gift hit through Luffy"s attacks. However, the fight was still ongoing.

In the episode, we got to watch the past of rob Lucci. Lucci had actually been a monitor of "Dark Justice," and he was in numerous ways much more so than the pirates.

The episode"s focus is on the fight between Luffy and also Lucci. The fight had actually been raging on rather a while and there was no real let up from one of two people side. Luffy had already used Gear second and the felt choose that the needed an ext to beat Lucci.

Luffy lastly revealed the other an approach that he had actually developed and also the an approach was gear 3. This permitted Luffy come inflate components of his body and detailed him with the extra strength to beat opponents.

In this episode, Clover talks around the Poneglyphs and their history. That reveals that they were sculpted by an ancient country in stimulate to protect against the civilization Government from erasing your history.

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Just as he to be talking, Clover was shot by Spandine, and in order to pile more misery top top the scholars, Spandine activates the Buster Call. Robin observed Olvia, however Olvia denied it completely. Robin"s admission about reading poneglyphs provides Olvia worry about her daughter. Just as the Buster call starts, she entrusted Robin come Saul.

7 episode 274: Answer Us, Robin! The Outcries that the Straw hat Crew!! (8.3)

Franky helped Robin to walk outside and also see Luffy and also the others. Luffy"s post was nice simple. He want to questioning Robin what was she answer to coming ago to the crew. Robin was pretty speechless see Luffy act in this manner.

The settle was strong and lock wouldn"t just abandon Robin in her present condition. All the Straw Hats gathered with each other at the top of the Courthouse. After see Robin cry, the crew provides up their minds.

No One Piece fan deserve to forget this episode unless they have actually a poor memory. The episode was the very first time the Luffy used Gear 2nd in battle.

Blueno to be pretty confident that Luffy would certainly not be able to do anything come him, and he was appropriate to think that because Luffy plainly seemed unfit to beat any type of member of CP9 in ~ Water 7. However, Luffy walk prove that wrong together he totally obliterated Blueno in their fight.

Blueno was having a torrid time and also he didn"t even know what was happening. In the end, Luffy steamrolled his method through and also defeated Blueno.

5 illustration 301: Spandam"s Shock! A Hero was standing on the Tower of justice (8.4)

Let"s it is in honest, no one likes Spandam or his father, Spandine. Like his father, Spandam also is a spineless coward, that is unable to use his very own power to fight.

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Usopp had the ability to snipe Spandam native afar and this allowed Franky to uncuff Robin. This was the start of the end for Spandam, that was going to it is in beaten up by Robin. It to be truly satisfying to see Robin obtaining her revenge ~ above the coward. His father had caused Robin troubles in the past and now this time it to be his son.

Enies Lobby will always be remembered because that this epos fight between Zoro and Kaku.

Zoro to be struggling to fight Kaku and he wasn"t really getting any kind of opening. Zoro had actually to come up through a brand-new move and also he go that together he unlocked Asura. Zoro provided his new technique to lastly beat Kaku.

Meanwhile, Luffy to be still proceeding his fight versus Lucci. He supplied Gear second as Lucci entered his half-leopard form.

3 illustration 312: Thank friend Merry! The Sea of Separation in the eye (8.6)

after the intense battle at Enies Lobby, walking Merry had actually come earlier one an ext time to save Luffy and also the rest of the crew. It appeared that Going merry would be able to carry on for a much longer time, however on their means to Water 7, the ship starts come break.

Fortunately, the crew meets Iceburg, who adhered to Merry. He clearly tells Luffy the the delivery can"t lug on anymore. Finally, Luffy also accepts that Going merry can"t continue. So, the crew provided the delivery a Viking funeral and also they thank her for all the memories.

This illustration is focused on Luffy and also Lucci"s battle. Lucci had actually the top hand for many of the fight and Luffy to be struggling to store up. Every hope seemed lost when suddenly Usopp revealed to Luffy the he is the male behind the mask.

He urged Luffy to stand up when again and also fight for his friends. So, Luffy gathers increase his strength and also uses Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling to loss Lucci once and for all. Finally, Luffy"s strike works and Lucci is defeated. This surprised every the Marines present at Enies Lobby.

1 episode 278: Say You want to Live! We space Friends!! (8.8)

Robin ultimately finished telling her story and it was very moving. Her path was filled through sadness and also she didn"t desire to proceed her journey. She was fearful the the time once not even the Straw Hats would be able to protect her.

Spandam made himself clear that trying to conserve Robin would average making adversaries of the people Government. Luffy was unfazed by Spandam"s words and he ordered Sogeking come shoot under the flag that the people Government. Robin was shocked to view this and she shouted that she want to live and return to the Straw Hats.

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