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reference no: EM13990642

inquiry 1 i beg your pardon of the following is a colonial kind of green algae?


Question 2 floor was an initial colonized around ______ year ago.

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100 million500 million570 million1.7 billion

Question 3 In angiosperms, the masculine gametophyte creates within ______.

male conesmyceliafilamentsanthers

Question 4 Under what abiotic conditions can monomers spontaneously form polymers?

When water evaporates native a warm surfaceWhen ribozymes are existing to catalyze the reactionWith the addition of waterBy biogenesis

Question 5 Gametophytes reproduce ______.

by fissionby developing sperm and eggsby alternation of generationsby budding

Question 6 Under ideal conditions, prokaryotes are capable of reproducing at a(n) ______ rate.


Question 7 A pollen serial is a ______.

female gametophytesporophytetype of seedmale gametophyte

Question 8 Where and also when does fertilization happen in the mushroom life cycle?

Underground, as a mycelium begins to spread.On the surface of the ground, as soon as a spore germinates.In a mushroom, when nuclei that a heterokaryotic cabinet fuse.In a mushroom, as soon as sperm and also eggs meet.

Question 9 according to the theory of endosymbiosis, i m sorry organelles evolved from tiny prokaryotes that developed residence in ~ other, bigger prokaryotes?

Vacuoles and also lysosomesGolgi apparatus and also endoplasmic reticulumCentrioles and ribosomesMitochondria and also chloroplasts

Question 10 What an international climatic change gave gymnosperms an benefit over ferns?

The climate ending up being hotter and wetterThe climate coming to be cooler and also drierIncreased fluctuations in global climateThe climate becoming cooler and also wetter

Question 11 i m sorry protozoan group consists solely of helminth forms?


Question 12 one explorer discovered a tree that had actually roots, stems, and also leaves. It had no flowers however produced seeds. This plant sounds favor a(n)fern.


Question 13 Plants an initial moved onto land at the very least ______ year ago.

65 million475 million1.2 billion3.5 billion

Question 14 The prokaryotic team that often tends to inhabit extreme atmospheres belongs come the ______.

kingdom Monerakingdom Protistadomain Archaeadomain Monera

Question 15 In angiosperms, what structures residence female gametophytes?


Question 16 Flagellates, amoebas, apicomplexans, and also ciliates are all what type of protist?

Slime moldsProtozoansDiatomsDinoflagellates

Question 17 every prokaryotic and also eukaryotic organisms that photoyynthesize fit right into which nutritional category?


Question 18 indigenous the allude of watch of an angiosperm, what is the role of fruit?

It is whereby the male gametophyte develops.It offers structural support for the plant. That is a system for the dispersal the seeds.It attracts pollinators.

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Question 19 whose experiments demonstrated that, offered the conditions on the primitive Earth, organic monomers could arise spontaneously?

Miller and also UreyDarwinWatsonMargulis

Question 20 favor plants, fungi have ______; however, in tree they space composed that ______, whereas in fungi they are composed that ______.

cell walls; cellulose; chitincell walls; cellulose; peptidoglycancell membranes; phospholipids; peptidoglycancell membranes; cellulose; phospholipids