Many people invoke their names in theories and discussions talking about their supposed link to Arceus ,or their supposed power over the building blocks of the universe. Despite the obvious ultimate power possessed by the various forms of Unown most people don"t try and gather all these ultimate beings. Today I will show you how to gather these monsters in all the games they appear in.

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Pokemon Gold,Silver and Crystal

The first game Unown appeared in was in Pokemon Silver,Gold and Crystal. In these games the Unown ae all found at the ruins of Alph near Violet city but, you will need surf and strength to gather them all. Each set of Unown is found in a different chamber gated by 4 slide puzzels.


Any one with a brain can solve these so I wont go too in deph with them the puzzles are of the following Pokemon. Kabuto, Ho-oh Aerodactyl and Omanyte.

The first Chamber is the Kabuto chamber in this chamber you can find the following Unown A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J and K.

The next chamber is the HO-oh chamber in this chamber you can find the following L,M,N,O,P,Q and R. This chamber is acessable through the lowest floor of union cave by moving the boulders.

The Next chamber is the Areodactyl this chamber contains S,T,U,V and W this chamber is accessed by using surf to cross the pond in the ruins of Alph

The Final chamber is the Omanyte chamber and it has the final unown X,Y and Z.

Some things to bare in mind when catching the Unown in generation two is that you will be able to get an add on for the pokedex that allows you to track all the forms of Unown you have. To get it all you have to do is catch three Unown and talk to the scientist outside the ruins.


Unown Dex Scientist 

The other important thing to remember is only for shiny hunters. I know alot of you purchased the 3DS ports of these games for shiny hunting however, you wont be able to get all the unown forms. Individual values are the key to this problem they use IVs for making pokemon unique. We only care about fat that it controls if a pokemon is shiny if the numbers match up it will be. The problem is that in the generation 2 games it also controls what form of unown you encounter because of this the only forms that can be shiny is ironically the I and V form.


Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green

The next games where you could catch Unown was available was in was Fire Red and Leaf Green. To get to them this time you will need to complete the eleite four and make your way to Quest Island. To get to the island go catch the ferry in Vermilion City. Head to Sevault Canyon and use strength to get the "Tanob Key" this wil open the caves to the east and west of the island each cave again has a different selection of Unown.


Quest Island

Monean Chamber contains A and ? Unowns.

Liptoo Chamber contains C,D,H,O and U Unowns.

Weepth Chamber containsE,I,N and S Unowns.

Dilford Chamber contains J,L, P,Q and R Unowns.

Scufib Chamber contains F,G,K,T and Y Unowns.

Rixy Chamber contains B, M,V,W and X Unowns.

Viapois Chamber contains Z and ! Unowns.

this time around catching the unowns take a bit more time they are more spread out and you need to beat the whole game. the islands are all spread out and there is no in game tracker. You can shiny hunt them this time around however.

Also something to note these are the first games you can catch the ! and ? Unown.

I love how done with life they look 

Pokemon Diamond,Pearl and Platinum

The next games we are going to look at is Dimon,Pearl and Platinum. These games are the more complicated than the rest to explain.

Unlike the rest of the games these ones allow you to catch all the unown very early on and as i said before who wouldnt want these beasts. The location you can find Unown in this game is the ruins in Solaceon town.

The Ruins Are In The Cave

when you get to these ruins you will notice there is seven corridors each of these exept the first one have only one Unown available. These are F,R,I,E,N and D for some reason they spell out friend. These Unown are the easiest to find , the rest of the letters are available in the dead ends dotted around the ruins.

Dead End

All of these tiny rooms are identical and it is where all of the Unown are stuffed into. Finding the rest of the Unown is annoying unless you get lucky you will spend hours trying to find the few different forms you are missing.

When you do all this however you will realise you are still missing the ! and ? Unown. If you want to find these two grumpy boys you will need to move onto route 214 and visit the Ruin Maniacs tunnel. This tunnel gets longer the more Unown you have. When you have all of the Unown the Maniac will punch through a hole in the wall in Solaceon Town ruins. when you go through you will be in a room you couldn not get to before where you can catch the last two Unown.

Also worth mentioning is the longer you make the tunnel the higher the chance you will encounter Hippopotas normaly a fairly rare pokemon.

Ruin Maniac Tunnel 

Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold

Heart Gold and Soul Silver are remakes and therefor most of the information is the same as Gold and Silver.

They are still found in the Ruins of Alph and the puzzels and their locations are still the same. they changed the distrobution of some of the forms for no real reason at all they are now as follows.

Kabuto chamber in this chamber you can fiind A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I and J.

HO-oh chamber in this chamber you can find the following K,L,M,N,O,P and Q.

Areodactyl this chamber contains R,S,T,U and V

Omanyte chamber and it has the final unown W,X,Y and Z.

Ruins of Alph

Also of note in this game if you bring an event Arceus to the ruins you will trigger an event to get one of the box legendaries from Diamond,Pearl and Platinum. This is where most of the theories about Unown seem to begin.

Arceus Event 

Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Saphire

Game Freak Knew they made a mistake making such a powerful pokemon so they skipped putting them in generation 5 and didn"t put them in Pokemon X and Y. They had never planned to put them in ORAS but Unown was too powerful so they put themselves in the game.

To find the Unown in ORAS you need to be able to soar so you can find mirage spots.

Mirage spots are a fature in oras that allows for you to find secret islands that allow you to find some special pokemon. These spots are random and change but the one you are looking for is on route 107 near Dewford.

This is a cave and contains all of the forms of Unown and dosent require any kind of puzzle this is one of the more convinet ways to get them all you don"t have to do anything special and you will be able to get all the forms in the same place. Trading from ORAS is also much easier than the older games.

This is also the best game to shiny hunt for Unown by using the DexNav to chain them this should be easy only they live in the cave.

Mirage Cave 


This is all the ways you can catch Unown or you could just trade for one instead of waisting all your time like I did.

Before you leave however I have some bonus Unown facts that I stole from Bulbapedia.

In the third movie Unown is featured heavily and many different forms are seen it also shows that different languages have their own Unown.Professor Oak has some never before seen Ancient Greek Unown. Ill make my next guide on how to get these bad boys.

Greek Unown

My boy Unown also has the second most TCG cards only beaten by pikachu.

Unown is only able to learn hidden power but they cant learn the hidden power TM because it will always already know it. My boy only needs one move he is too powerful if he had more than one the world would implode.

Finally i need to complain a little because while i was spending hours making this ludicrous guide no one will read i have spent a long time staring at Unown. For a pokemon that is based of the English alphabet most of them look nothing like letters making me fairly confident Game Freak Didn"t look at the alphabet they just had a man vaugly describe all the letters.

Seriously How Is This A G

Anyway if anyone is actually reading this thanks for reading this i put way too much effort into it.

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