Thyme is among the most basic herbs to grow, both indoors and out – but here space the ideal substitutes because that thyme when you don’t have it on hand!

I flourish a lot of herbs in my garden, and also thyme is a huge one. It grow easily, specifically in my sandy, well draining soil, and also does well in pots. Thyme also dries really well and also it’s nearly as great dried as fresh (almost) so i encourage girlfriend to thrive some if you have outdoor space or a sunny window!

It likewise features in a many the recipes below at OE – it’s a major flavour keep in mind in this lentil potato stew and adds depth come vegan marinara, but it’s just as great with roasted vegetables and can be included to noþeles tomato based.

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Thyme is supplied in a many recipes and also kinds that cuisine, indigenous Indian come Italian. It’s hugely popular and also often conveniently available, but what deserve to you use as soon as you don’t have it? These space my optimal six substitutes because that thyme in cooking.


Substitutes because that Thyme


Fresh or dried, oregano provides a an excellent thyme substitute. The flavours are an extremely similar, both gift in the mint family, and also it’s an practically imperceptible switch. You deserve to use oregano for thyme in virtually any kind of recipe, no matter what type of cuisine the is.


Marjoram is very comparable to oregano, and in turn, also an extremely close come thyme, so it’s one more excellent 1:1 substitute. It’s good both dried and also fresh as well. It’s contempt milder 보다 oregano and the two are often used synonymously.


Rosemary is a woody herb – thyme can be taken into consideration woody, yet only once it’s more mature. Because that both, only use the pipeline (unless it’s being offered in vegetable broth or otherwise steeping). Rosemary is slightly stronger in flavour therefore you’ll desire to usage a bit much less of it.

Like oregano and also marjoram, rosemary is component of the same family members (Lamiaceae) together thyme, so it does have comparable flavour notes. It’s an especially nice in broth-based soups, like this cauliflower potato soup, but not great in tomato dishes.


Savoury (savory) is often dubbed summer savoury since that’s much more commonly grown than the winter perennial version, however both deserve to be offered interchangeably with thyme. It has a satisfied peppery flavour.


Out of every the herbs top top this list, basil in the greatest stretch, yet it deserve to be fantastic thyme instead of in some circumstances! Dried basil is useless and shouldn’t be used, yet fresh can take the ar of thyme in any tomato based or Mediterranean dishes, favor this chickpea quinoa salad.

Herbs de Provence

Herbs de Provence is a dried summer sprouts blend. Thyme is usually close to the optimal of the ingredient list, therefore this is type of a substitute, yet kind the not. That usually likewise includes many of the various other herbs on this list, and also occasionally lavender.

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Sub this in recipes choose the lentil and also potato stew or roasted vegetable pie, however not in much more Italian or Mediterranean recipes – stick come French or north European for this one.

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