If you’ve heard that the famous Vine star Jacob Sartorius, here’s every little thing you need to know around the young star that has regulated to gain millions of followers through his videos!

Check out these top 40 funny facts around Jacob Sartorius.

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He was born Rolf Jacob Sartorius.

He was named after his father and grandfather who are both dubbed Rolf.

Jacob said that the name Rolf has actually been a heritage in his family, but he doesn’t choose to walk by the name.

Jacob was born in Oklahoma and was adopted shortly after ~ birth as his birth parents were unable to take great care of him.

He was increased in Reston,Virginia, wherein he resides with his adoptive parents.

Jacob Sartorius is 19 years old. He was born onOctober 2, 2002, which way that his star sign is Libra.

His eye color is hazel and also his natural hair color is brown.

Jacob’s mom manages all his society media accounts because they ended up being too famous for him to organize alone.

It appears that his mom is rather significant in his life, and has even showed up in some of his videos.

Jacob Sartorius has one larger sister calledCaroline.

Cameron Dallas, one more famous Vine star, was provided as among his nearby friends.

Jacob walk on tour v Cameron, that is a member that the famous Magcon group.

Jacob post his very first video on august 17, 2014, sending out a message against bullying.

It wasn’t till the year after that he started posting regularly, and thus accumulated his fan base.

He is most famous for posting videos of self lip-syncing popular songs.


Jacob’s debut EP The critical Text to be released ~ above January 20, 2017.

Jacob has two cats called Godzilla and also Josie.

His celebrity crushes are Selena Gomez & Ariana Grande.

His song ‘Jordans’ is inspired by his days play basketball, and the emotion he gets when he’s in the court.

Rumors to be spread about a potential girlfriend as soon as somebody posted a story around Jacob Sartorius and Loren Gray on a website dubbed WattPad.

No information around any girlfriends have actually been confirmed by Jacob or v his society media profiles.

Jacob is one of numerous internet stars top top Snapchat, and he can be added

He has had braces in the previous to help perfect his smile. He had them taken off on February 3, 2016.

His Vine account includes difficulties he has completed, including the famous ‘Don’t Judge’ challenge.

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Other net stars that are about the same age as Jacob often like to compete with that to see who deserve to get more followers. Some of these incorporate Kristen Hancher and Hunter Rowland.