Application:Submissions have to be received online no later than might 14, 2021. Virtual application submissions might not be altered once submitted. This is a one-time submission, the parts of your applications completed digital will be available to download after submission and also will it is in used during both the County and State choice process. Please print or conserve your applications for her records.

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Age:Youth in between the ages of 13-21 can use to the NYS Governor’s Youth Council; the State and County will work-related to have a balanced representation top top the board of directors be based upon age, gender, ethnicity and also other components that comprise the diversity of brand-new York’s youth. Candidates must be no younger than 13 and no older than 21 years of age on march 31, 2022to be selected come the Youth Council. This is an incredible chance for youth’s voice to it is in heard at the statewide level on issues impacting youth.

Attendance: The NYS Governor’s Youth board of directors members will certainly be compelled to participate in regional and statewide meetings, in ~ minimum monthly, though frequently bi-weekly relying on assignments. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, every meetings will be hosted virtually.

Cultural Diversity and also Inclusion:Members the the NYS Governor’s Youth Council offer as volunteers. In order to ensure varied perspectives- special consideration for membership will be provided to members of in history underserved, disadvantaged and also marginalized populations. These populaces include yet are not minimal to; civilization of color, members of the LBGTQ community, rural brand-new Yorkers, Veterans, immigrants, people with disabilities (including physical), and people who have minimal English proficiency.

State and local Participation Requirements

The NYS Governor’s Youth board of directors members will be forced to get involved in local and statewide meetings, at minimum monthly, though regularly bi-weekly depending on assignments. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all meetings will certainly be held virtually.

Youth will be trained in straightforward civics, effective youth voice, knowledge state and local budgets, and other topics pertinent to optimistic youth development.

Candidates selected at the state level will get involved in local teams. Youth will be expected to attend regional virtual meetings frequently bi-weekly. One or an ext county youth office directors and/or regional representative will carry out coordination and also adult partnership.

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Each regional team will job-related on at the very least two of the identifiedtopic areas: Topic locations TBA.

If the local team feels strong about second topic not noted above it might submit a 3rd topic to address.Youth will make recommendations to the State on just how to effectively deal with concerns concerning the object area.

Recommendations will include at a minimum a an interpretation of the problem, proposed changes to law, regulation and/or policy and suggested programmatic concepts to resolve the problem, and also if the proposal is local, regional or statewide.