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With a greater antioxidant capacity than that of environment-friendly tea, tereré is no a tea to be taken lightly.

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Coffee? Huh?

Many civilization have heard the maté, a tea do with hot water and also yerba matéleaves, commonly found in Argentina, Uruguay and southern Brazil. Coffee shops throughout the United claims are start to sell yerba matétea bags as it grows in popularity. However, in the small, landlocked country of Paraguay, where temperatures typical 95 degrees in the summer and also often climb up come 110, tereré reigns can be fried as the country drink of choice.

Pronounced te-re-RE, using the “e” native “bet” and with the r’s sounding more like soft d’s, the beverage is an iced tea variation of warm maté. Yet the tea, a mix of ice-cold water and yerba matéleaves, is therefore much much more than a beverage because that the human being of Paraguay. The drink embodies a sense of community and friendship.

When tereré is drunk with fruit juice rather than water it is often called “tereré ruso” because it is frequently consumed through Slavic immigrants in components of Argentina and Paraguay. Tererépurists snub your noses at this variation.

A Paraguayan is rarely found far from your “equipo de tereré,” or tereré gear, which is composed of your “guampa” (a cup shaped favor a cow’s horn), “bombilla” (filtered straw) and also “termo” (thermos). In ”el campo” (the countryside), human being tend to usage a jug or pitcher quite than a termo.

The offer of the tereré is crucial. The tea is often drunk while sit in a circle, and the youngest human being of the team is normally the server, referred to as the cebador. Everyone in the circle provides the very same bombilla, but each human finishes a cupful of the tea, share the tools but not the liquid. Polite people beware! saying “gracias” method you are done and also would not choose to be offered again. So save your thank-yous come yourself until you’re yes, really finished. One more common foreigner faux pas is relocating the bombilla. The bombilla is carefully placed to store the tereré indigenous being also bitter. Swirling it about will damage the drink and also earn you rolling eyes and exclamations the protest.

Some attendees wait a few rounds because that the terere to get much more “lavado,” which method washed-out or flat. The taste of yerba matéis smoky and also bitter, and the bitterness have the right to be toned under after the first few drinks.

“Tereré rupa” is a snack, commonly a starchy one, that one eats before beginning to drink your tereré for the day.

Tereré deserve to – and also is – likewise drunk individually. Paraguayans drink the tea year-round and also throughout the day. In the morning, people often include “remedios yuyos” – medicinal herbs, leaves and roots – to the water. Some herbs target indigestion, others lower blood pressure, and some are simply for flavor.

The naturally caffeinated tea leaves, found in the canopy of the top Paraná Atlantic rainforest, have countless health benefits. Most notably, the leaves have actually a high antioxidant capacity, even an ext so than environment-friendly tea.The tea has been connected with the prevention of cancer and, alternatively, with the cause of some species of cancer, back research has actually largely displayed a positive outcome from drink tereré.

In Asunción, the resources of Paraguay, the termos themselves are fashion statements. Each termo is often personalized with different colors, materials, embroidered designs, sporting activities team logos and also monograms the one’s name. You frequently see world whizzing by you through a personalized termo hanging off their moto.


Tereré gear: “termo” (thermos),“guampa” (a cup shaped choose a cow’s horn), and also a “bombilla” (filtered straw)

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If you space looking to jump on the tereré train, you can order the gives online. Guayaki, a California-based company, sell tereré bottled, come drink cold. However, this skips the social procedure of tereré, i beg your pardon is a bulk of the funny in drinking the tea.

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Another option? publication a flight down to Asunción and try it for yourself. You will do it be the just American not spinning the bombilla around and spitting out premature thank-yous choose an amateur.