Belgium has made a vast impact on the gastronomical scene, native chocolate and also beers to Belgian fries and also waffles. But there aren’t just gourmet delights ptcouncil.nete savour.

This small country is residence to beautiful castles and also forts, famous battlefields, charming towns prefer Ghent and Bruges, and also the unofficial funding of the europe Union: Brussels.

To aid you obtain the many out the your expedition to Belgium, we’re ready this considerable money guide, with everything you require to recognize from getting the local currency to the best ways ptcouncil.nete pay. You’ll uncover out:

The euro is supplied in Belgium and also has to be the main currency ever because it replaced the Belgian franc ~ above 1 January 1999. Belgium join 19 other nations in the eurozone – the region that provides the euro together legal tender.

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The euro supplies a prize you’re most likely to recognise: €. Its money code, which friend can kind into Google to discover the best exchange rate, is EUR.

In Belgium – as in countless other countries in the eurozone – price are frequently written v the numerical values before the symbol and decimal ptcouncil.netmas rather of ptcouncil.netplete stops (for example: 10,50€ rather of €10.50).


What is the best currency to take to Belgium?

There is no doubt the it is ideal to take it euros (EUR) ptcouncil.nete Belgium. While friend can always exchange her Australian dollars (AUD) or us dollars (USD) when you arrive, foreign money is typically not embraced in supermarkets, transfer or acptcouncil.netmodation.


First points first, there’s technically no such point as a ‘Belgian’ euro. While Belgium mints its very own coins with a national style on one side, this coins have the right to be used everywhere in the eurozone.

And evil versa: any kind of coins minted with national designs from various other eurozone nations can be supplied in Belgium.

Belgian euro coins ptcouncil.nete in the traditional eight denominations: one cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, ten cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, €1, and €2.

The ‘ptcouncil.netmon’ next of the coin used throughout the eurozone attributes the numerical value of the coin and a map of the europe Union.

On the turning back ‘national’ side, every coins be afflicted with the same style – back this style has been modified 3 times since Belgium adopted the euro. The very first and 2nd designs function King Albert II when the third shows King Philippe.

Euro banknotes ptcouncil.nete in denominations of €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, and also €500. The designs space the very same throughout the eurozone with different sizes and colours denoting the various bill values.

You’re unlikely to ptcouncil.nete across a €500 note yet it’s a great idea to avoid also the €100 and also €200 bills as some sellers are reluctant to expropriate these higher denominations.

The euro’s worth is influenced by many different factors, indigenous supply and also demand the the money to economic and political occasions both regionally and also globally.

Our foreign money converter listed below will present you the mid-market exchange price - the midway point between the buy and also sell rate. This is the ‘truest’ rate you’ll uncover (the one displayed on Google and also XE).

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Use this tool to acquire a real-time rate of AUD to EUR and find out how much the will expense you to buy euros through S Money.