The key difference in between chemical symbol and chemical formula is the we use a chemistry symbol to surname a specific chemical facet whereas a chemical formula is provided in naming a chemical compound.

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Chemical symbols room codes for chemical elements. Chemical elements are chemical types that incorporate a collection of atoms having the same atomic number (same number of protons in the atomic nucleus). A chemistry formula shows the chemical elements present in a details chemical compound and also, the ratios in between these elements.


1. Overview and key Difference2. What is chemistry Symbol3. What is chemical Formula4. Side by side Comparison – chemistry Symbol vs chemical Formula in Tabular Form5. Summary

What is chemistry Symbol?

Chemical symbol is a password that identifies a certain chemical element. Every different chemical element has a particular symbol the denotes the element. In addition, we can provide chemical signs for part functional groups as well. For example, “Me” is the symbol because that a methyl group, and also “ph” is the symbol for a phenyl group. The periodic table of facets show all the chemical symbols we use for elements. There space subscripts and also superscripts attached to every symbol that offers the atom number (superscript) and also the mass number (subscript) of every element.

Figure 01: periodic Table

If an aspect has isotope (atoms that the same element having the very same atomic number but different massive numbers), we can identify them only by looking at the mass number, no the symbol or the atom number since the symbol and also the atomic number room the exact same for isotopes. The complying with periodic table shows the chemistry symbol for each chemical element.

What is chemistry Formula?

Chemical formula is the formula that reflects the chemical aspects present in a chemistry compound and also the ratios between each element. A chemical formula includes chemical symbols, numbers and sometimes various other symbols such together dashes, brackets, etc. The is not the name of the compound. Therefore, it has actually no words. Moreover, that does not present the chemical framework of the compound.

In addition, us cannot determine the type of chemical bonds existing in between the atom of the molecule. A molecule formula reflects the yes, really ratio between atoms if empirical formula mirrors the least ratio in between the atoms. Because that example, the chemical formula because that glucose is C6H12O6, and also the empirical formula is CH2O. Periodically we use chemical recipe to show cations and anions. There, we should use add to symbol (+) for cations and minus prize (-) because that anions. Ex: sulfate ions is denoted by 2-.

What is the Difference between Chemical Symbol and also Chemical Formula?

A chemistry symbol is a code that identify a certain chemical element. This associate v some other symbols such as atomic number and mass number. Chemical formula is the formula that mirrors the chemical elements present in a chemical compound and also the ratios between each element. This combine with various other symbols such as dashes, brackets, plus and minus symbols, etc. This is the key difference in between chemical symbol and also chemical formula.

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Summary – Chemical prize vs chemistry Formula

We use symbols in chemistry. The is to identify various chemical and also elements. We usage chemical recipe to identify the elements of a compound. The difference in between chemical symbol and also chemical formula is that we usage a chemical symbol to surname a details chemical facet whereas a chemistry formula is supplied in naming a chemical compound.


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Image Courtesy:

1.’Periodic table’By User:Cepheus – own work, (Public Domain) via Commons Wikimedia

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