The main difference between a continent and also a country is that a continent is a huge landmass the is separated from various other continents through the ocean, if a nation is a single unit of land located inside a continent and also governed by a solitary government.

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There are seven continents ~ above Earth: Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, Europe, north America, and South America. Moreover, over there a full of 195 different countries in these seven continents. Hence, countries are parts of this continents.

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What is a Continent?

A continent is a large landmass the is be separate from various other continents by oceans. There space seven key land divisions on Earth, and also we speak to them continents. Asia, Africa, north America, southern America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia are the seven continents. Asia is the biggest continent in the people while Australia is the smallest.

When geographers determine a continent, they consider all the islands linked with that particular continent. Because that example, Japan, though a different country, is part of the oriental continent. Likewise, Greenland and also all the other islands in the Caribbean Sea are areas that belong to the continent of phibìc America.


Together, continent cover about 148 million square kilometres of soil on earth’s surface. In brief, continents consist of many of earth land surface. The continental shelves, which are gently sloping areas that spread outward from the beach much into the ocean, usually indicate the actual borders of the continents.

What is a Country

A country is a land area within a continent. A nation is a single political unit that prevails under a specific government. The soil area that one nation differs indigenous the floor area the another. Similar to continents, some nations are larger, yet some are smaller in landmass. Australia, China, Brazil, Canada, the unified States, and also Russia are the largest countries in the world. On the contrary, the world’s smallest country is Vatican City, and it is composed of a soil area of less than 2.6 square kilometres.


Most countries have smaller divisions like states or districts to facilitate governance. Generally, a state or a province has its very own state or provincial government. Therefore, the country’s federal government shares power through the state or provincial governments. In such cases, the law of the country’s main government typically applies to all the people of the country, if the legislations of the state or provincial government only apply to the world living in ~ that details state or province.

Similarities in between a Continent and a Country

Continents and also countries space geographical landmasses with certain boundaries.They carry out habitats for countless humans, animals, and plant species.Moreover, both cover around 148 million square kilometer of soil on earth’s surface.

Difference in between a Continent and also a Country


A nation is an separation, personal, instance unit located within a continent administrate by a single government, while a continent is just one of the Earth’s significant landmasses, separated native the other landmasses top top the basis of s boundaries and tectonic plates.


A continent is a larger landmass identified by geographical areas while a country is a smaller piece of landmass located within the continent. 


Generally, most countries have imaginary borders whereas the boundaries of a continent is the ocean. 


A nation is governed by a certain political authority in power. They space responsible for the betterment of the country. However, except for the continent of Australia and Antarctica, a continent can not be administer by a solitary political human body of authority.


The main difference between a continent and a country is that a country is an separation, personal, instance unit the land located within a continent and is administer by a solitary government, when a continent is a culmination of every the countries separated indigenous the other landmasses top top the basis of s boundaries and also tectonic plates. Furthermore, a nation originates as a an outcome of historical battles, political tensions, faiths, or unity among tribes, while the development of continents is natural, through the geographical evolution of Earth.

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