Main difference – river vs Lake

River and lake are both large bodies the water that consists of freshwater. The is not very difficult to differentiate the difference in between river and also lake by simply looking in ~ them. The main difference in between river and also lake is the river is a moving body water vice versa, a lake is a standing human body of water.

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What is a River

A flow is a large natural present of water; that the cross an area of soil to circulation towards the ocean, sea or one more river. Rivers are relocating bodies of water, the water in a flow moves along the bank in one direction. The water in a river flows follow me a channel, comprised of a present bed between banks. The activity of water follow me the flow is called a current. A river may be couple of kilometers long, or it may cross an entire continent. The Nile in Africa and also the Amazon in south America, which flow through number of countries, are the longest rivers ~ above Earth.

The start of a river is referred to as the source. A river can be formed in number of ways. Rivers are mainly from rain or eye that falls in areas with greater elevations; some rivers also type by melt glaciers or secret streams. Part rivers flow during all year, yet some rivers dry up in dry seasons. A river deserve to either it is in a solitary stream or numerous streams the water connected with each other. The finish of a flow is dubbed the mouth; this is wherein the river flows into the s or another large body of water.


What is a Lake

Lake is a slow relocating water body, surrounding by land. The is a considerable inland human body of stand water. Due to the fact that the water in a lake moves really slow, that often appears to be still. Lake have the right to be also described as an area of land that is filled v water, localized in a basin, that is surrounding by land and not associated to another body of water.

A lake have the right to be either organic or man-made. Herbal lakes are formed by organic phenomena such as glacial activity, volcanic activity, tectonic movement, and also river erosion. Artificial lakes are created by human beings for farming or commercial use, hydroelectric strength generation or entertain purposes, etc.

The majority of the lakes in the people are freshwater lakes. Lake Michigan-Huron is the biggest lake on planet by surface ar area. Lake Baikal in Siberia is thought about to be the deepest and also oldest lake on planet whereas Lake Tanganyika is the longest lake on Earth.


Difference between River and also Lake

Flow the Water

River is a flowing body of water.

Lake is a standing human body of water.

Link to one more body of water

River connects to a larger body that water.

Lake does not attach to another body of water.


Rivers are natural bodies of water.

Lakes have the right to be either organic or artificial.


Rivers are discovered on every continent and almost every kind of land.

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Lakes space mainly uncovered in the northern half of the world.


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