While the physical map mirrors the natural functions of a location such as mountains, waterbodies plains, etc. The political map screens territorial attributes such as cities, state, countries and also their boundaries.

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A map is a useful tool, i beg your pardon diagrammatically represents the organic or fabricated features of an area of land or part thereof, on a level surface, according to scale. The 3 main contents of the map space distance, direction and also symbol. These are of great help to the travellers and navigators, to gain some understanding of a ar they room visiting. There room three species of maps which are a thematic map, politics map and also physical map.

In the given write-up you can find the differences between physical map and also political map.

Content: physical Map Vs political Map

Comparison Chart

Basis for ComparisonPhysical MapPolitical Map
MeaningPhysical map have the right to be understood as a map provided to indicate the creates of landscape and water bodies of an area.Political map describes a map that helps in representating the geography boundaries, roads, and other similar features of an area.
UseIt is offered to present geographical features.It is used to show territorial borders.
FeaturesRaised or dippedFlat
Colors usedDull colors are used.Bright colors are used.

Definition of physical Map

Physical map or otherwise referred to as as relief maps are the one that shows the natural qualities of a type of land and also bodies the water that are discovered in a details area. In finer terms, it is a visual representation of just how our planet looks native space.

In this map, the water bodies favor oceans, rivers, lakes and also ponds are portrayed in a blue colour. Likewise, brown colour shows mountains and plateaus, different shades of eco-friendly are offered to stand for elevations ~ above a physical map. These maps help to understand, the variety of elevation in the region, hills or plateaus in the region, rivers in the region, direction in i beg your pardon the flow flows and so forth.

Definition of political Map

Political Map is described as a map provided by the travellers, tourists or other persons to locate various places, population, roads, highways, etc. That a details area. The primary characteristic of political maps is that it shows governmental subdivisions the the world, or various other geographical regions such as continents, countries, state, cities, towns and also villages.

These maps use big water bodies choose oceans, sea, rivers and also lakes together landmark. There room three varieties of politics maps, which are:

General MapsSurvey MapsSpecialised Maps

Key Differences in between Physical and also Political Map

The difference in between physical and also political map have the right to be described here:

The map the depicts the physics or natural features of a landform, or a waterbody, together with its terrain and also elevation it is dubbed as a physical map. Top top the other hand, politics map is a map used to display the geography borders in between villages, towns, state and also countries.While physical map suggests geographical features of an area, the political map illustrates the ar characteristics.To depict attributes like mountains and also valleys the functions are elevated or dipped in a physics map. As versus this, the politics map is flat.Usually, dull colours are used to show features in a physics map, whereas in a politics map bright colour are supplied to differentiate in between different cities, states and countries.

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Maps are designed by the cartographers, that use different colours come highlight different features on a map. When the physics map reflects landforms there is no considering the human modifications, a political map is one that indicates humanmade attributes of an area.