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In moving respiration, oxygen is the last electron acceptor. Oxygen accepts the electrons after they have passed with the electron transfer chain and ATPase, the enzyme responsible for creating high-energy ATP molecules. Simply remember cellular respiration—respiration method breathing, and you cannot breathe without oxygen.

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Which that the complying with molecules is the last electron agree in the electron deliver chain during cellular respiration?


Oxygen is the last electron acceptor in the electron transfer chain, mirroring the require for aerobic problems to undergo such a process. ATP is produced as a product that the electron move chain, while glucose and CO2 beat a duty in earlier processes of cellular respiration.

How numerous potential ATP have the right to be produced when one molecule the glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate is put through glycolysis?


Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate is convert to 1,3-bisphosphoglycerate, and one NADH is also produced throughout that step. NADH beginning the electron carry chain, and also is because of this worth ATP. Normally, an NADH is worth about 2.5 ATP; however, an NADH developed in glycolysis is just worth 1.5 ATP since it expenses 1 ATP to relocate that NADH indigenous the cytoplasm into the mitochondria. So, in this an initial step, we have actually a complete of 1.5 ATP.

As the molecule continues on its path to end up being pyruvate, that will also produce two ATP directly; therefore, we have actually a net total of 3.5 potential ATP.

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Example inquiry #1 : understanding The Electron transfer Chain

What happens to the electron carry chain when oxygen is not available?

Possible Answers:

Oxidative phosphorylation will develop oxygen from accessible carbon dioxide

Oxidative phosphorylation will make use of carbon dioxide rather of oxygen

Oxidative phosphorylation can continue without any kind of noticeable impact

Oxidative phosphorylation ceases and also the cell reverts to fermentation ~ glycolysis

Oxidative phosphorylation utilizes different fuel sources, such together fats

Correct answer:

Oxidative phosphorylation ceases and the cabinet reverts to fermentation after glycolysis


Oxygen is the last electron acceptor in the electron carry chain, which allows for oxidative phosphorylation. There is no oxygen, the electrons will be donate up, at some point causing the electron deliver chain to halt. This will cause the products of glycolysis to go with fermentation rather of going to the citric mountain cycle. There is no oxygen, oxidative phosphorylation (the electron move chain) is impossible, but substrate-level phosphorylation (glycolysis) continues.

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Example inquiry #1 : knowledge The Electron move Chain

Most that the ATP produced in to move respiration originates from which that the following processes?

Possible Answers:


Substrate-level phosphorylation

Krebs cycle

Oxidative phosphorylation

Citric mountain cycle

Correct answer:

Oxidative phosphorylation


Cellular respiration typically follows 3 steps, under aerobic conditions. Glycolysis generates NADH and converts glucose come pyruvate, when producing tiny amounts the ATP through substrate-level phosphorylation. The citric mountain cycle, or Krebs cycle, supplies pyruvate to generate much more NADH and FADH2. This NADH and FADH2 molecule donate electron to the electron carry chain, i m sorry are supplied to pump protons right into the intermembrane room of the mitochondrion. The proton in the intermembrane room then circulation through ATP synthase come generate large amounts that ATP via oxidative phosphorylation.

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Example inquiry #2 : knowledge The Electron transport Chain

Why is oxygen important for the electron transfer chain?

Possible Answers:

It is vital for carrying pyruvate into the mitochondria

It is part of the chemiosmotic gradient

It serves together the main electron donor

It serves as the terminal electron acceptor

Correct answer:

It serves together the terminal electron acceptor


Oxygen serves together the terminal electron acceptor for the electron transport chain. Electrons space donated by NADH molecules and also passed through several various proteins to create the proton gradient in the intermembrane space. Upon reaching the final protein, the electron is external inspection to an oxygen molecule to create water. There is no oxygen, there would certainly be i do not have anything for the electrons to seek being pumped with the electron deliver chain, and aerobic moving respiration would certainly be impossible.

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Example concern #85 : to move Respiration

Which of the complying with processes calls for an electron acceptor?

Possible Answers:

The electron carry chain calls for an oxygen electron acceptor

Glycolysis calls for a nitrogen electron acceptor

The citric acid cycle requires an oxygen electron acceptor

The electron transport chain requires a nitrogen electron acceptor

Correct answer:

The electron deliver chain needs an oxygen electron acceptor


Oxygen acts as the terminal electron acceptor in the electron carry chain (ETC). This accounts for the reason as to why, once cells are starved that oxygen, the and so on "backs up" and the cabinet will draw away to using anaerobic respiration, such together fermentation. At the finish of the electron move chain, the electron and also a proton space passed come an oxygen molecule to develop water.

The citric mountain cycle relies on oxygen in an indirect sense. The main purpose that the cycle is to develop electron donors because that the electron carry chain. If the chain is not useful (due to lack of oxygen), the citric mountain cycle likewise stops functioning. Glycolysis is no dependent on oxygen, and can role in anaerobic environments.

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Example question #1 : expertise The Electron deliver Chain

The chemical compound 2,4-dinitrophenol have the right to disrupt the process of oxidative phosphorylation in the mitchondrial electron transport chain by bring about which effect?

Possible Answers:

Binding come nucleotide carriers

Binding come ubiquinone

Oxidative inhibition

Removing the F0 subunit from the ATP synthase complex

Dispersion the the proton gradient

Correct answer:

Dispersion of the proton gradient


In ATP synthesis, the proton gradient is one interconvertible type of power in electron transport. 2,4-dinitrophenol is an inhibitor of ATP production in cells through mitochondria. Its mechanism of activity involves carrying protons across the mitochondrial membrane, which leader to the usage of power without ATP production.

The other answer selections are not straight related come the generation of the proton gradient.

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Example concern #3 : understanding The Electron move Chain

If cellular respiration were 100% efficient, the process should produce around eighty ATP, however, the actual productivity is about thirty ATP. What happens to the remainder of the chemical energy in glucose?

Possible Answers:

It is supplied to make water native hydrogen ions and also oxygen

It is converted to heat

It is released as carbon dioxide and also water

It is converted to starch

It is stored as fat

Correct answer:

It is convert to heat


Cellular respiration is only around 38% efficient, with the rest of the power in glucose lost as heat.

Water and also carbon dioxide space not offered to save energy. Fats deserve to be synthesized native acetyl CoA and glycerol, however are not generally created in big quantities throughout cellular respiration. Starches are normally used for power storage in plants, but can be synthesized indigenous glucose; however, starches space not a typical product of moving respiration.

Most the the reaction in moving respiration space exothermic, in order to support spontaneous reaction. The result is relax of heat power with many steps.

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Example concern #1 : knowledge The Electron carry Chain

Along what structure carry out electrons in the electron carry chain (ETC) move?

Possible Answers:

The external membrane of the mitochondria

The mitochondrial matrix

The inner membrane of the mitochondria

The cytoplasm

Correct answer:

The inner membrane of the mitochondria


The events of the electron carry chain take location on the inside membrane the the mitochondria. The transmembrane proteins offered to shuttle electrons through the electron transfer chain are installed on the inner membrane. Electrons room donated to these proteins and used to transfer protons right into the intermembrane room from the matrix. After getting to the final inner membrane protein in the chain, the electron is moved to oxygen to form water.

The mitochondrial procession is whereby the ATP at some point is eventually synthesized, as well as the site of the citric acid cycle. The cytoplasm is the site of glycolysis. The external mitochondrial membrane is not directly associated in cellular respiration.

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