Economic change is actually nothing new. I feel nice strongly that you can't reference the net for the economic climate - discover out why!

I was going come ask girlfriend this yet I posted on Yahoo Answers and got a stupid response. Brick and mortar stores and restaurants room dropping like flies. Ns was in reality referring come Radio Shack at first. Well, today, Quiznos simply filed because that bankruptcy. The only one close to me to be turned right into a little Caesar’s. So I’m questioning you quiet if this depression is led to by the internet with the web and people buying things online instead of real stores with real workers and across the country instead that a main location dubbed Amazon?

You’re basically asking “Is the internet straight responsible for our financial problems?”

In my opinion: absolutely not! points are definitely changing, yet that’s nothing new. Things have been an altering well prior to the internet came along.

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I’m no economist, yet as you have the right to tell, i do have actually a few opinions and I deserve to go on about this for quite some time. I’ll try and control myself.

The changing role that brick-and-mortar

You stated that brick and also mortar stores space “dropping like flies”. You know, I sure don’t view that. Yes, over there is the timeless churn of stores closing, commonly followed by new stores opening. And also yea, there are an especially depressed economic locations where things room pretty bad.

But over there are likewise thriving locations where things are going fairly well.

This every is nothing new.

Let’s take a look in ~ the largest instances that people allude at all the time: the auto or stole industries. Over there are locations that have actually been seriously hurt due to the fact that of your previous dependency on those details industries. As soon as those sectors changed, for any variety of reasons (reasons i beg your pardon we deserve to argue about all day long but are essentially beside the point), those locations got hurt, big time. This has actually nothing to carry out with the internet and like I save saying, this is nothing really new.

I’m sure that horse-drawn buggy manufacturers went with something similar as they experienced the underlying innovations of transportation change. That part industries could be influenced by the web doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Radio Shack to be wonderful, yet …

I’m no surprised, because that example, that stores choose Radio Shack might be having actually problems. Together a consumer, i can acquire a much far better selection at better prices with better service in less time by walk online.

Businesses have constantly needed to deal with brand-new forms the competition. They either improved such the that provided their customers something worth paying for or driving to; or those businesses went the end of business.

I know I’m a broken record on this, yet this isn’t anything new.

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