Sulfur dichloride is a chemical compound v a pungent smell and appearance like Red liquid. Sulfur dichloride is largely used in essential synthesis and also its formula is SCl2.

So, in this article, we will learn about the Sulfur dichloride (SCl2) lewis dot structure, its molecular geometry, polar or non-polar, and hybridization.

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Some other properties of sodium dichloride

The boiling allude of SCl2 is 59°C.The melting point of SCl2 is -121°C.Density is 1.621 Refractive index is 1.5570Molar fixed is 102.97 g·mol−1 
Name that MoleculeSodium dichloride
Chemical formulaSCl2
Molecular geometry that SCl2Bent
Electron geometry that SCl2Tetrahedral
Bond angle103º
Total Valence electron for SCl220
The formal charge of SCl20

SCl2 deserve to be developed by two processes by utilizing sulfur or disulfur dichloride.

The an initial process is by reacting sulfur with dichloride then it formed disulfur dichloride.

⇒ S8 + 4Cl2 → 4 S2Cl2

And the Second process includes reacting disulfur dichloride with dichloride and it will type Sulfur dichloride.

⇒ S2Cl2 + Cl2 → 2 SCl2

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1 how to attract Lewis framework of SCl2?
2 measures to attract electron dot framework or lewis structure of SCl2
3 What room the molecule Geometry or form of SCl2?
4 What is the Hybridization of SCl2?
5 Sulfur dichloride Polarity: is SCl2 polar or non-polar?
6 provides of sulfur dichloride
7 an introduction

How to attract Lewis framework of SCl2?

SCl2 lewis structure has one sulfur and also two chlorine atom. Sulfur being the less electronegative atom 보다 chlorine atom is put at the facility in lewis’s diagram and chlorine is spaced evenly around it.

There is two lone pair existing on the central atom and also this central atom attached to two bonded pair in SCl2 lewis structure.

Steps to attract electron dot framework or lewis structure of SCl2

Step 1: very first you need to count the total number of valence electron in SCl2. For learning valence electron you should know the group number of its compound.

So, through observing the periodic table we know sulfur belongs come the 16th group and also chlorine belongs come the 17th group.

⇒ Sulfur Valence electron = 6

⇒ Chlorine valence electron = 7

∴ Total variety of valence electron accessible for SCl2 lewis framework = 6 + 7(2) = 20 valence electrons.


Step 2: Now uncover the least electronegative aspect then inserted it in ~ the facility in lewis’s diagram and other atom spaced evenly roughly it.

So, we know sulfur has actually the the very least electronegativity in the SCl2 compound because the electronegativity increase from left to ideal in the routine table.

Therefore, location sulfur in the central position, and chlorine spread around it.


Step 3: In the third step, attract a single bond to attach the outer atom(chlorine) come the main atom(sulfur) for further illustration the SCl2 lewis structure.


As in the shown figure, we attract the solitary bond native the left and also right next chlorine atom to the main atom. Now count the valence offered in the above structure.

A single bond contains two electrons, and, in the over structure, two solitary bonds are used, hence, 4 valence electrons are used in the above structure native the complete of 20 valence electrons the is accessible for illustration the lewis structure of SCl2.

∴ (20 – 4) = 16 valence electrons

So, we space left through 16 valence electrons more.

Step 4: Now complete the octet with the remaining electron for the neighboring atoms first after the if any electron is left then put it about the main atom.

As octet way having 8 electrons in valency share. So, each atom needs 8 electron in the external shell to fulfill the preeminence of the octet.

So, ar the staying valence electron top top the external atom(chlorine) very first to complete its octet.


As displayed in the figure, we place 6 electrons about the chlorine atoms on both sides as they already sharing 2 electrons v a single bond, hence, chlorine atoms completed your octet. 

Step 5: This is the last step to attract the lewis dot framework for SCl2.

As in the 4th step structure, we usage 16 valence electrons (including 4 solitary bond electron + 6 electrons on every chlorine atom) so, we room left with just 4 electron which we need to place about the main atom so the sulfur likewise completes the octet rule.


SCl2 Lewis dot structure

So, this is the straightforward procedure to draw the lewis structure or electron dot structure for Sulfur dichloride (SCl2)

What room the molecular Geometry or shape of SCl2?

Molecular geometry is the method of setup of atoms in molecules. Through looking at the lewis structure of SCl2 countless assume the it has actually a straight shape however they room wrong since it is among the greatest limitations in Lewis’s concept as it does not help to recognize the exact shape of molecules.

So, for overcoming this trouble VSEPR (Valence shell electron pair repulsion) theory concerns determine the molecular shape of chemical compounds.

The molecule geometry that SCl2 is bend because it contains two lone bag on the central atom that tries come repel every other and also bonded bag of electrons approximately it, together a result, that pushes down the external inspection atoms offering the bent geometry structure.

Also, there space asymmetric charges distribute approximately the central atom due to this. The repulsion generated by these lone pair electrons on the main atom reasons the SCl2 molecule to become bent.


SCL2 molecule geometry or shape

The bond angle of SCl2 is approx 103º.

The electron pair geometry that SCl2 is tetrahedral together it considers lone pair on the main atom and bonded pair approximately it.

The generic formula because that SCl2 is AX2N2 according to the VSEPR theory and it’s the chart.


SCl2 molecule geometry is very similar to H2O however its bond angle is slightly reduced than H2O because of the lone pair. As higher the lone pair, the smaller sized is the link angle and also the bond size of SCl2 is also greater than H2O.

What is the Hybridization of SCl2?

To calculation the hybridization that SCl2 complies with some an easy steps.

Step 1: Determine the number of atoms attached come the central atom as we understand the main atom is the atom that has the the very least electronegativity.

So, Sulfur (S) has the the very least electronegativity thus by looking in ~ SCl2 we identified that only 2 atoms room attached come the central atom.

The variety of attached atoms to sulfur is = 2

Step 2: Now discover the lone pair of central atoms (sulfur)

As the Valence electron for sulfur is 6 and from 6 electron it shares just 2 electrons to make bonding with chlorine atoms. So, us left v 4 electrons which make 2 lone pairs.

Step 3: This is the last step to identify the hybridization the SCl2.

Hybridization = number of atoms enclosed + number of lone pairs 

= 2 + 2

= 4 which renders the hybridization that SCl2 is sp3.

Sulfur dichloride Polarity: is SCl2 polar or non-polar?

If you have basic knowledge the polarity, dipole moment, and also electronegativity climate you can currently know the answer of Is SCl2 polar or non-polar?

SCl2 is polar because of that is asymmetrical shape and non-uniform fee distribution about the atoms.

To recognize the depth the polar nature the SCl2 we have to take summary of electronegativity, dipole moment, and also geometrical shape.


 This is the big factor in learning the polarity the SCl2 as the difference in between the electronegativity of atom is directly proportional to the polarity of molecules.

Electronegativity that chlorine = 3.16

Electronegativity of sulfur = 2.58

And the difference of these atoms renders electronegativity higher than 0.5 which directly makes SCl2 polar in nature.

2. Dipole moment 

This factor can help us to know the stamin of polarity. As higher the dipole moment much more is the polarity the the molecule.

As SCl2 form is asymmetric in nature. Thus dipole moment of SCl2 does not cancel every other.

⇒ Dipole minute formula = fee on the atoms * the distance in between them 

∴ D = Q × R

Net dipole minute of SCl2 is = 0.54d

3. Geometrical structure

 The shape is also a huge factor to identify whether SCl2 is polar or non-polar 

More the asymmetrical shape of molecules greater is the dipole moment as symmetrical framework dipole minute can conveniently be canceled out yet asymmetrical or bend structure offers some dipole moment which makes to molecules polar in nature.

Uses of sulfur dichloride

Sulfur dichloride is one oily liquid through a solid irritating odor offered in the to produce of necessary chemicals.It is provided in insecticides, and for manufacturing synthetic rubber.It is offered as a chlorinating certified dealer in assorted industries.It is used for hardening softwoods.It is used to do vulcanized oils and also rubber.It likewise uses come purify street juices.


What is the oxidation variety of SCl2?

The Sulfur(S) oxidation number is = +2

The chlorines oxidation number is = -1

And SCl2 oxidation number is = 0

What is the electron construction for Sulfur and Chlorine?

 As we understand sulfur contain 16 electrons roughly the atom and also Chlorine contain 17 electrons so placed these electrons in orbitals according to the sequence

Hence sulfur electron construction is 1s22s22p63s23p4 

And chlorine electron configuration is 1s22s22p63s23p5

Is sulfur dichloride is ionic or covalent?

As SCl2 is a polar molecule and electronegativity is great affects the compound for knowing its ionic or covalent bond.

If the difference of electronegativity of atom in the Pauling range is more than 1.9 climate the bond is ionic.

But for SCl2 the electronegativity is less than 1.9 thus sulfur dichloride is covalent.

Sulfur Electronegativity = 2.58

Chlorine Electronegativity = 3.16

And the distinction of electronegativity the Sulfur and Chlorine in SCl2 is = 0.58

Why SCl2 is polar and also has a bent geometrical structure?

SCl2 is polar because of that asymmetrical shape and also SCl2 has a bent molecular structure due to the fact that of the lone pair present on the sulfur central atom which reasons non-uniform distribution and makes its framework bent or V-shaped.

Net dipole moment and also electronegativity are additionally responsible because that the SCl2 polarity nature.

What space the electron and also molecular geometry the SCl2?

The electron geometry of SCl2 is determined by the steric number i beg your pardon is same to the variety of sigma bonds present roughly the atom + the variety of lone bag on the atoms. Sulfur is the central atom in the Lewis structure of SCl2 that has a steric number same to 4, for this reason the electron geometry that SCl2 is tetrahedral.

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The molecular geometry that SCl2 is simply determined by considering only the number of bonded atoms, and also as every VSEPR theory, its shape is bent.