Unless you already have structures in Arabic or are an especially skilled in learning foreign languages, friend will have to work a bit before your pilgrimage to Jordan. To save the day, you can additionally resort to English.

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Arabic, the main language

To interact with the population during your pilgrimage to Jordan, you must have actually knowledge that Arabic, i m sorry is the country"s official language. If you have no structure in Arabic prior to you leave, girlfriend will find it an overwhelming to remember more than a few simple pleasantries. To organize a long, in-depth conversation, it could be a lot an ext complicated. Already knowing how to to speak "hello, goodbye and also thank you", will already make the people you are speaking to delighted with your effort. Don"t worry about faults and also other together errors, the Jordanians like to see a foreigner say a few words come them in Arabic and also relationships deserve to only be more warming together result.


Advice on pronunciation

As fine as knowing the vocabulary, friend will need to have an knowledge of the pronunciation. I m sorry of the two is the hardest? It"s tough to say, both space complicated. So come speak Arabic and the Jordanians, you space going to have to respect details rules.

Firstly, in Arabic you an especially need to insist on letter that space doubled. If a word has actually an apostrophe " " ", you must come to a stop, favor a contraction of the glottis. The complying with pronunciation rules are also essential because that you come be aware of. The "e" is pronounced as "é" together in French. The "gh" is pronounced as a "r" together in French. The "h" is the very same as "h" in English. The "kh" is the exact same as "la jota" in Spanish The "q" is a type of mix between the "k" and the "g" and should come native the back of the throat. The "sh" is pronounced like the "ch" and also the "th" as in English, together as words "this". The "u" is pronounced favor "ou", the "w" prefer "whisky" and not favor "wagon". Lastly the "y" have to be pronounced as it is in "yoyo"

Speaking in English

After having greeted who in Arabic and also you wish to lug on with the conversation, you have English to aid you. No everyone in the country speaks it but you will constantly easily be able to find someone who can aid you. All Jordanians working directly or indirectly v tourists deserve to speak English. If you also struggle v English, take into consideration taking a thesaurus with you.

Basic expressions / common Words

Good morning / good eveningSalam wa aleïkoum / Leïla saîda
How are you?Kifak ?
Fine, thank you, and you?Bikher hamdulillah
I understand / ns don't understandAf'ham / La af'ham
SorryAna asif
Thank friend (very much)Choukran
Excuse meAfwan / min fadlak
My name is...Ismi
No give thanks to youLa choukran
Yes / NoNa'am / La
You're welcomeAfuan


How much is it?Addesh ?
It is an extremely cheapRkhees
It is as well expensive!Hada ghalee kheteer
Can you reduced the price?Mumkin arkhas ?
I would favor to buy ... This one!Biddee eshtiree
I favor it / ns don't favor itAna bHeb / Ana ma bHeb
I'm simply looking around.Mumkin shoof


I would prefer to go to ...Ana badeh ruh ala...
I would favor to rental ...Biddee esta'jer...


Where is ...? / How deserve to I gain to ...?Wayn ?
Train stationMaHattat al-qitaar
CentreMarkaz al-medeena
Is the close / far?Qareeb / ba'eed ?
Straight aheadDughri
Left / RightYasaar / Yameen
North / southern / eastern / WestShimaal / Janub / Sharq / Gharb

Numberssieben, acht, neun, zehn

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, tenWâhed, etnên, talâta, arba'a, khamsa, setta, saba'a, tamanya, tes'a, ashra
twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixtyAshrîn, tallateen, arba'een, khamsîn, sitteen
seventy, eighty, ninetySaba'een, tamaneen, tis'een
One hundredMeyya

Hours/Dates and daysDienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag, Samstag, Sonntag

What time is it?Addaysh essa'aa ?
When?Emta ?
Today (morning/midday/evening)Al-youm (soubeh / ba'ad deher / massa)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, SundayAl-tenayn, at-talaata, al-arba'a, al-khamees, al-jum'a, as-sabt, al-aHad
I am here on vacationAna fi rotla / Ana mossafir
I am right here for businessAna houna lil ramal

Time come eat!

I to be hungry / ns am thirstyAna jirane / Ana ratchane
EnjoyChahiya taïba
Cheers!Bi saha !
What deserve to you recommend?Bi mada towassini ?
I am vegeterianAna nabati
Not spicy you re welcome (I don't favor spices)Bidoune tawabil !
It's as well hotInaho sakhine jidane !
I to be allergicAndee hasasiyya
Sea foodEl makoulates el bahriya
PeanutsEl foul essoudani
GlutenEl gholtine
I would certainly like...Biddee...

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Tee / CoffeeChaï / kawa
Beer / WineBiyra / khamr
The bill, pleaseEl hssab , men fadl-ak

Health / Emergency / Security

I must see a doctor.Ralaya an nochawer tabib
Call an ambulance / speak to 911Ittusil bil duktoor /
Where is the hospital?Wayn al-mustash-fa ?
I perform not feel an extremely goodAna maareed
It damages hereBeeyujani hon
Where have the right to I find the restrooms?Wayn twalet ?
Help!Saa'idoonee !
I'm lostLakad fakadto tariki


Have a nice day !Naharek mabrok !