Everyone knows that Hawaii’s a pretty one-of-a-kind state, and we could go on every week writing around its uniqueness. Here are just a few of the points that make Hawaii one of the most exciting places in the US—and even the world!

Hawaii is the only state the grows coffee.

One that the things that’s on practically everyone’s shopping list as soon as they holidays in Hawaii is Kona Coffee, grown on the big Island that Hawaii. Coffee is additionally grown commercially on other islands, largely Maui and Kauai. It’s the just state in the union the lies in the “coffee belt,” wherein the heat temperatures permit the tree to flourish. Hawaiian-grown coffee is very prized for its mild smoothness, through a complexity that different from farm to farm, roast come roast. The the perfect cup to enjoy while stepping out onto your lanai and enjoying the tradewinds.

Hawaii is the many isolated inhabited area ~ above the planet.

Do you really, really want come “get far from it all”? that no wonder Hawaii is seen as an escape native the remainder of the world—it in reality IS! Hawaii is 2,390 miles away from California, 3,850 mile from Japan, and also 5,280 miles away from the Philippines. Whenever you’re in Hawaii, you understand that you’re about as much away from the rest of the earth’s populace as you have the right to get. Possibly that’s not a bad thing…

Hawaii is the just US state that’s getting bigger.

Yep, that’s right, Hawaii’s area is actually increasing, due to volcanic activity on the large Island that Hawaii. New lava flows right into the ocean, broadening outward to type a “lava delta.” these deltas either end up being a permanent component of Hawaii’s evolving landscape, or break off right into the ocean years later. One of two people way, with 3 currently active volcanoes, Hawaii’s still growing!

Hawaii is the only US state that contains a royal palace.

Found in Downtown Honolulu, the beautiful ‘Iolani palace was the house of Hawaii’s ruling majesties from 1845 to 1893. Today, that is open up to the public, and can be toured as a fascinating museum of Hawaii’s royal history. The the only royal royal residence that sit on united state soil!


Hawaii is residence to the most endangered types in the united States

In fact, Hawaii is sometimes referred to as the “endangered types capital that the world.” over 25% the the organisms noted on the us endangered species list space endemic come Hawaii. There are several reasons for this, however habitat destruction, climate change, and development of invasive types all pat a part in endangering plenty of of Hawaii’s endemic residents, both plant and also animal. It’s an essential that both residents and visitors stay informed of what varieties are intimidated or at-risk, and what types are invasive or harmful to Hawaii’s fragile ecosystem.

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Luckily, the dubious location of “endangered varieties capital of the world” draws fist to simply how vulnerable some the these varieties are, and laws room being enacted to ensure their protection. Hopefully, between legislation, education, and also conservation efforts, we’ll start to see few of our precious endangered life-forms like the nene goose, monk seal, and also Hawaiian hoary bat start to thrive once more!