I feel there should be a indigenous I have the right to use to mean the opposite of "golden", however I can"t think of one. For example:

golden handshake: gift sacked but with great remuneration.****** handshake: being sacked unpleasantly

golden ticket: winning the prised invitation****** ticket: letter inviting you ago after regimen cancer screening

golden sample: an instance of a product the passes the quality tests****** sample: an example of a product that fails the top quality tests

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All these room relatively modern-day figurative provides of gold in specific circumstances. So each circumstance has actually a metaphor an interpretation the opposite, yet without a common colour or metal theme.

I nothing think you’ll uncover a colour the conveys an the contrary meaning. Black is probably the nearest and most typical , yet is provided in different circumstances and is a much better opposite to white.

As for a metal, lead is most likely best, together it’s what friend (or the alchemists) would certainly wish to turn into gold. But, much more than minimal worth, it is linked with weight (a leaden silence).

So as opposite to “golden handshake”, one might say “given the boot”.

A more literary opposite to a “golden ticket” would be to “draw the queen that spades”.

I don’t understand about golden samples. Someone should have actually stirred the pudding more.

(Ironically, in contrast to a golden handshake, a gold watch would certainly nowadays show up as a an extremely meagre “severance package”. )

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If we are sticking with metallic metaphors the best one I have the right to think of would be: tarnished

to detract native the an excellent quality the : vitiate "his fine desires now slightly tarnished"

Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/tarnished

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