Former means the very first of two items.

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Latter method the 2nd of two items.

Continue review to see exactly how these native are provided in English sentences.


Have you ever before heard who distinguish in between the former and the latter yet didn’t know what that human meant?

Former and latter are adjectives that most civilization only usage within a very limited context: to explain the bespeak of two points that were discussed together.

Most the the time, world use this terms there is no explaining them, so language learner or starting person writers might not understand what castle mean.

What is the Difference in between Former and Latter?

In this post, I will compare latter vs. former. I will usage each of these words in at least one example sentence, so you deserve to see castle in context.

Plus, i will present you a beneficial memory device that you have the right to use to help you decision whether latter or former is the word you mean.

How to use Former

Former definition: Former is one adjective. It has actually two meanings. Sometimes, it describes a previous duty that is no much longer held, like in the phrases former maritime or former employer.

In this article, though, we will certainly be mainly concerned with the feeling of former as the first of two points mentioned.

Here is an example,

Bob owned a Jeep and an old dodge Dart, but the former vehicle was his day-to-day driver.

In this sentence, former is one adjective that modifies vehicle.

Former is can additionally be an absolute adjective, i m sorry is one adjective that features as a noun in sentences. See the instance below.

Between one honorable death and a life that cowardice, ns will select the previous every time.

In this sentence, former becomes a de facto noun. The is the thing of the verb choose.

How to usage Latter

Latter definition: Latter is additionally an adjective. It is the contrary of former; it way the second in a list of 2 things.

For example,

Aveline went secure with the quarterback she junior year and also the punter her senior year, and she married the latter athlete.

Like former, latter is additionally an absolute adjective, and it can role as a noun in sentences.

In the sentence below, latter is used as an absolute adjective.

When available a selection between a blue pill and also a red pill, Keanu decided the latter.

Outside examples of former vs. Latter

How come Remember these Words

Latter and former are both adjectives, and also since castle are regularly used in the same context, the is simple to get them confused. Luckily, there is one easy method to tell the difference.

The former thing is the first thing mentioned.The latter thing is the last thing mentioned.

If friend don’t favor that mnemonic, you could also remember the former and latter are in alphabetical order, and also former comes prior to latter in a perform of two things.

Article Summary

Is previous or latter correct? Former and latter are adjectives that refer to the first and last things in perform of 2 things.

Former describes the thing that was pointed out first. Latter describes the point that was mentioned last.

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Both words deserve to also duty as a noun in sentences, in which situation they space absolute adjectives.