The square root of 73 is expressed together √73 in the radical form and together (73)½ or (73)0.5 in the exponent form. The square source of 73 rounded approximately 7 decimal locations is 8.5440037. That is the confident solution that the equation x2 = 73.

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Square root of 73: 8.54400374531753Square root of 73 in exponential form: (73)½ or (73)0.5Square root of 73 in radical form: √73
1.What Is the Square source of 73?
2.Is Square source of 73 reasonable or Irrational?
3.How to find the Square source of 73?
4.Important Notes
5.Thinking the end of the Box!
6.FAQs top top Square source of 73

What Is the Square source of 73?

The square root of 73 is the number who square provides the initial number (73). There room no integers who square will offer the value 73.

73 = 8.544

On squaring 8.544, we get (8.544)2 = 72.999936... Which is really close to 73 when that is rounded to its nearest value.

Is the Square root of 73 Rational or Irrational?

How to find the Square source of 73?

There are different methods to find the square root of any type of number. Click here to know more about it.

Simplified Radical form of Square root of 73

As 73 is a prime number, it has only two factors, 1 and also 73. Thus, the simplified radical kind of 73 is 73.

Square source of 73 by Long division Method

The square root of 73 can be uncovered using the long department as follows.

Step 1: us pair digits of a provided number starting with a digit at one"s place. Placed a horizontal bar come indicate pairing.Step 2: Now we find a number i beg your pardon on multiplication with itself gives a product less than or equal to 73. Together we recognize 8 × 8 = 64 Step 3: Now, we have actually to bring down 00 and multiply the quotient through 2. This give united state 16. Hence, 16 is the starting digit the the new divisor.Step 4: 5 is placed at one"s place of new divisor due to the fact that when 165 is multiply by 5 we get 825. The obtained answer currently is 75 and we bring down 00.Step 5: The quotient currently becomes 85 and it is multiply by 2. This gives 170, which then would end up being the starting digit the the brand-new divisor.Step 6: 4 is inserted at one"s location of new divisor due to the fact that on multiply 1704 by 4 we get 6816. The brand-new divisor currently becomes 684 and we lug 00 down.Step 7: now the quotient is 854. Once multiplied by 2, it provides 1708, which will be the beginning digit of the new divisor.Step 8: 4 is put at one"s ar of the divisor since on multiplying 17084 by 4 we will obtain 68336. So, currently the divisor is 64.


Explore square roots using illustrations and interactive examples

Important Notes:

73 lies between 64 and 81. For this reason 73 lies in between 64 and 81, i.e., 73 lies in between 8 and 9.The square root of 73 is irrational as 73 is no a perfect square, which makes it complicated to simplify 73 further.

Think Tank:

Is the worth of (-73) same as -73?Is -73 a genuine number? 

Example 2: will the length of radius that a circle be much less than 10 inches or more than 10 inches if the area of one is 73π square inches?


Area is found using the formula: area of a circle = πr2 square inches. By the offered information,

πr2 = 73π r2 = 73

By acquisition the square source on both sides, √r2= 73. We understand that the square source of r2 is r.By calculating the square root of 73 is 8.54 inches. Hence, the length of radius of one is less than 10 inches if the area of circle is 73π square inches.

Example: solve the equation x2 − 73 = 0


x2 - 73 = 0 i.e. X2 = 73x = ±√73Since the worth of the square root of 73 is 8.544,⇒ x = +√73 or -√73 = 8.544 or -8.544.

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FAQs ~ above the Square root of 73

What is the value of the Square source of 73?

The square root of 73 is 8.544.

Why is the Square root of 73 an Irrational Number?

The number 73 is prime. This means that the number 73 is pairless and also is not in the strength of 2. Therefore, the square source of 73 is irrational.

Is the number 73 a Perfect Square?

The number 73 is prime. This implies that the square source of 73 can not be expressed together a product of two equal integers. Therefore, the number 73 is no a perfect square.

What is the Square that the Square source of 73?

The square the the square source of 73 is the number 73 itself i.e. (√73)2 = (73)2/2 = 73.

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What is the Square root of -73?

The square root of -73 is an imagine number. It can be created as √-73 = √-1 × √73 = ns √73 = 8.544iwhere ns = √-1 and it is referred to as the imagine unit.

Evaluate 9 plus 2 square source 73

The offered expression is 9 + 2 √73. We recognize that the square source of 73 is 8.544. Therefore, 9 + 2 √73 = 9 + 2 × 8.544 = 9 + 17.088 = 26.088