The original brand-new England Patriots logo was just a dark blue tricorner hat through white elements. It was provided only for the team’s first season (1960). By the next season, a new logo was created, with more detail, and it was just in 1993 that the team dared change it.

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Meaning and history


Being a graphical representation of the club’s name, the visual identification of brand-new England Patriots is build about the color palette of the nationwide flag that the united States, a res-blue-white tricolor, and a really patriotic image, which to be redesigned number of times throughout the history, despite only became stronger and much more stylish.



The very very first logo variation of Boston Patriots, the first name of the today-known new England Patriots, was presented in 1960 and only remained for one year. The emblem boasted a minimalist image of a blue and also white tricorne hat, which was offered by soldiers. It was a plain and clean badge through no added lettering and details, however with a visible and strong character.

1961 — 1964


One year after ~ the club’s facility the new logo to be created and with some modifications, it stayed with the Patriots till the 1990s. The emblem, presented by the club in 1961 depicted Pat Patriot, a guy in a armed forces uniform with a football. Pat’s outfit was attracted in red, blue, and white through his red tricorne balanced by a red football. The minuteman looked very determined and also ready to record the ball and run.

1965 — 1970


The contours of play Patriot were refined and also the color palette got a new pink shade for the masculine skin in 1965. Another adjust of this year was about football, i beg your pardon was now executed in brown and also blue, looking much more realistic.

1971 — 1992


The name of the football society was readjusted to new England Patriots in 1971 and the team ongoing using the logo, created in 1965 through no changes. Pat Patriot stayed the key symbol of the football club until 1993 as soon as the modern era that the visual identity style started for the Patriots.

1993 — 1999


At the beginning of the 1990s, Patriots establish they have to make some transforms to that iconic logo design to present the progress and growth that the club, and the ability to change. The team hired a renowned graphic designer Ken Loh, who came up through the brand-new emblem in 1993.

The modern emblem that the Patriots was based in two unused versions, developed in 1978, whereby the photo of the Patriot in blue and also white was inserted on a white background v blue stars (version number one), or ~ above the red and also white American flag (version number two, wherein the white five-pointed star was drawn on the blue tricorne).

The Ken Loh version of the emblem featured a blue and also gray profile of a man in a tricorne hat through a white star on it, and two red stripes coming the end of the hat to the left and also weaving as a flag.

2000 — Today


The redesign of 2000 sleek the man’s challenge contours and also made the shade palette of the emblem a little darker, which provided a an ext serious and also stable look come the iconic elegant logo and elevated it.



The existing wordmark made its debut on July 3, 2013. It functions a distinctive typeface v unusual sharp elements. The team did have actually several wordmarks earlier (unveiled in 1960, 1960, and also 1993). Also, they have actually an alternate wordmark, which functions overlapping “N” and also “E” characters.

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Starting from 1961, the logo was based on the combination of red and dark blue. The shades have actually slightly adjusted in the food of time, the current version featuring the darkest the shade of blue.