Italians love to complicate points (especially bureaucratically speaking), so the means you will ask what’s her name in Italian will count on the degree that familiarity and also age difference in between you and also your interlocutore.

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How perform you questioning what’s her name in Italian?

Chiamarsi, to contact oneself, is a stinky verb. It’s a very common verb and also it’s one of the very first verbs the the Italian student meets in class. Guess: v what? It’s no the simplest verb out there due to the fact that it’s a reflexive verb.

So don’t fret if that literal translate in puzzles you. The is normal. Just make sure you acquire acquainted with it because that now and we will check out what the hell is around with this verb and others in other lessons. Nothing stays clear of you indigenous going under the masochistic route and also jump right to the Chiamare/Chiamarsi lesson, though…

When would you usage the casual form? If you’re one adult, and also your interlocutor’s a kid, go on and ask. The is also common come greet a new coworker in such a way. Don’t use this v elderly and adults you just met, though, together it is considered rude.

Come ti chiami?What’s her name?

This form is uncommon, however it exist nonetheless. Why is the scarcely used? In officially scenarios, world will very likely present themselves come you prior to you can start asking questions.

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Piacere, Mario. Nice to fulfill you, I’m Mario.(No, Mario‘s no really that typical a name, however it’s the very first one that pertains to mind…)

Interestingly, this type could additionally be interpreted as What’s his/her name?. We’ll view why in early time!

Even much more ways come ask what’s your name in Italian

Qual è il tuo nome?What’s her name? (casual)Literally: Which is her name?

Qual è il Suo nome?What’s your name? (formal)

Qual è il Suo nome?What’s your name?

These space less usual ways of questioning what’s her name in Italian than the people we’ve simply met, but they’re worth stating nonetheless.

Culture shock!You see, Italians don’t questioning what your name is, yet which her name is. After all, her parents picked up her name native a pool of limited (albeit abundant) choices…