Steve Harvey has become one of the most popular comedians and also television master today. Indigenous a location of humble beginnings, he has risen to the top and also he’s really just seen vast success quite recently, by becoming the most frequent host of big-time TV shows and also becoming among the most endorsed celebrities on the planet.

however his life wasn’t all rainbows. Back in the late 1980s, the 62-year-old comedian and host to be homeless, living in his 1988 Ford Taurus, do the efforts to do ends fulfill while becoming a comedian. That wasn’t given anything however he eventually uncovered his huge break and took the plunge through both feet. Now, he’s a six-time Daytime Emmy compensation winner, a two-time Marconi award winner, and also a 14-time NAACP picture award winner in various categories.

He’s also the author of the famous books Act choose a Lady, Think choose a Man, and Straight Talk, No Chaser: exactly how to Find and Keep a Man. He’s hosted shows prefer the Miss Universe pageant (when he famously perplexed the winner with the runner-up) and has been the organize of Family Feud because that years.

Steve’s likewise an avid automobile guy, particularly loving ultra luxurious rides favor Rolls-Royces and also Bentleys. But when you’re worth $150 million, through an yearly salary the $29.5 million, no one deserve to tell friend what you can and can’t invest your money on. And also besides, he additionally contributes heavily to charities roughly the world, for causes like chest cancer research, feeding the homeless, and more.

below are 20 sweet pictures of cars in the life the Steve Harvey.

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ago in 2011, the Steve Harvey Morning present formed a partnership through Ford because that the ras Vegas 2011 Ford Hoodie Awards. One lucky winner and also their betrothed would certainly be chauffeured about in a 2011 Ford traveler after Steve Harvey found the winner the the “Craziest marital relationship Proposal.” Steve went on to continue the partnership with Ford, and also in 2015 he post a picture on his society media of a brand-new 2016 Ford Explorer, urging people to view the car and also be one of the first to own one. Here we see Steve and also his mam in an explorer as component of the Ford neighborhood Awards journey & journey Experience, an occasion in Atlanta whereby celebrities and also visitors were invited to test drive a plethora of new Ford vehicles.

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this is another picture of Steve Harvey and also his wife, Marjorie, who looks pretty paris in the driver’s seat of her new Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe that she got for her birthday. We’re not certain if this snapshot was taken after or prior to she broke down crying in Steve’s arms. Either way, she’s composed herself fine here. The Drophead Coupe is famously the many expensive mass-produced automobile that Rolls-Royce offers to ordinary mortals, and for his 3rd wife—the love that his life—Steve would only acquire her the best! You can not fault the man for wanting to you re welcome his woman. Those the saying? Happy wife, happy life.

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favor we’ve said, Steve Harvey likes to have actually fun—both on and off the screen. He’s one of the most famous hosts of our time and seems come be presenting everyone and everything. He’s likewise shown up at golfing events—because what sports out there is more popular because that the rich and wealthy than golf? Steve Harvey and also Dr. Phil resulted in a ruckus top top the eco-friendly at ASU, both in golf carts, as they played a game of bumper cars, kind of. The even far better that castle both dressed in pretty suits, like large shots, yet here they are clowning approximately like a pair of university kids!

17 prior Façade the The Pearly White Garage

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Steve Harvey seems to have actually a unique affection for pristine, crystal-clear white cars, probably due to the fact that they watch spotless. So lot so, even, that his garage also has the same façade and boy, does that look awesome! This garage is probably attached one of two people to his $3-million Plano Mansion in Atlanta, i beg your pardon is made up of gold-trimmed velvet furniture, indoor golfing, a movie theater, and a bar. Or it can be component of his 6,400-sq-ft penthouse, a location that the spends $22,000 a month on. Yet with a value of $29.5 million or thereabouts, don’t feel too negative for the guy.

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when Steve acquired his lovely a $500,000 Rolls-Royce for she 50th birthday, she go ahead and spent a small over fifty percent the lot (but quiet $305,000!) ~ above a brand new Bentley Mulsanne because that his 59th birthday. This Bentley might be thought about a brother-sister to the Rolls-Royce he gained for his wife, for this reason it’s a pretty appropriate gift and also it was also as necessary wrapped in a red bow. After ~ posting images of the car, which only gets 11 mpg, come his social media, he to be then grilled through a six-year-old environmentalist ~ above Little huge Shots. Henry the environmentalist then told Steve simply to “take a bus.”

15 v Jerry Seinfeld In Comedians In Cars getting Coffee

via Netflix
Steve Harvey to be a comedian prior to he was a moderator or TV show host, for this reason it renders sense to view him with various other like-minded comedians, such together Jerry Seinfeld—probably one of the only people Steve hangs about who is much more successful than himself. In the episode featuring Harvey, Jerry choose him up in a smooth, vintage, black color 1957 Chevy Bel Air, and asks him non-consequential questions around his life. Because that a display that has had actually the likes that Barack Obama on it, that’s a nice prestigious spot to it is in in for the comedian, even for someone favor Steve Harvey!

via The Young, Black, and Fabulous
Steve Harvey is having actually a little of a renaissance lately and he’s make some major cash. So once he goes off to buy his wife a brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe for her 50th birthday, you recognize he have the right to afford the payments (or possibly he just bought the outright). The $500,000 gift for his wife, Marjorie, is pure white and also looks utterly spotless. He yielded it come her finish with a red bow, like all $500,000 presents should be gifted, and Marjorie climate went on to share pictures of the auto on she social media pages, consisting of one picture of an extremely happy Marjorie crying in Harvey’s arms.

13 Steve’s borrow Rolls-Royce Ghost

via The main Steve Harvey
also though Steve Harvey own a Rolls-Royce Ghost of his own (which expenses $311,900 new, by the way), this one was loaned to him, and also he no seem particularly pleased with it, just judging ~ above his facial expression alone. There’s a video online wherein he one the car and one that his surrounding friends says, “It’s also small.” The means Steve circles the car, it does seem like he’s debating even if it is to try getting in the automobile or not. We need to wonder why he had actually to loaned a Ghost for a job (and likewise how much it cost) yet when money is no object, I intend it no matter.

Steve Harvey showed up with the then-new 2013 Ford Taurus SHO in the film based upon his best-selling book, “Think favor a Man,” in which he rolls roughly in this car. Many headlines indigenous media outlets have stated that the Ford SHO yes, really shines in the film. The film is about a team of guys who can not seem to seal the deal when it involves women and also when their women buy Steve’s book, “Think choose a Man” and start applying it to your lives and also relationships, the band of brother gets every shook up. The main character and his friends conspire to usage the book’s teachings to revolve the tables ~ above the ladies.

11 Steve v A Bentley Salesman

via Twitter
Considering how numerous ultra-luxury cars Steve Harvey own (or has actually owned or moved in his lifetime), both from Rolls-Royce and Bentley, it must not be any kind of real shock to view him buddying up through a Bentley salesman, pictured here. Steve posted this snapshot on his social media account, with the inscription reading, “This guy Stan Mukoro in ~ Bentley Atlanta is the ideal salesman in the entire south. Check him out,” and also then he offers the guy’s tag—wherein Stan’s followers more than likely skyrocketed. Us wonder if Stan sold all of Steve’s Bentleys come him—and if so, then he really need to be the best salesman in the South!

Steve Harvey is a little bit favor Oprah Winfrey, in the truth that top top his show, he deserve to pretty lot do anything that wants. And also he does, frequently gifting audience members and also lucky winners with brand-new cars and also all sorts of various other cool stuff. Here, Steve surprises a family on his talk show with a brand brand-new Ford Edge. This was another part of the collaboration with Ford, called the Steve Harvey Morning show Summer’s Edge car Sweepstakes, i m sorry took ar in 2015. The winner obtained this $32,000 Ford Edge. He likewise posted the dispute to his social media account in 2015, whereby he ended up announcing the winner.

9 Steve’s Rolls-Royce and also Jet

via WRRV
Steve Harvey has defined his black color Rolls-Royce Phantom together “pimpish” before and now that leaves us wondering what he would certainly say around the white jet behind it. Steve partnered with a Nashville Jet agency and make an oral agreement to do a couple of changes to the Gulf currently Jet, which would cost the company $400,000. In turn, Steve would lease the jet because that $97,000 every month. Yet they got connected in a lawsuit once apparently Steve paid few of the money up front, but then chose he wasn’t going to need the jet and walked away from the deal. The jet firm tried come recoup some of its investment and now ordinary human being like you and I deserve to lease the jet…provided you have actually $97,000 a month!

Steve Harvey likes come goof off—that much is clear. Occasionally it can gain him right into trouble yet for the many part, one of his big selling clues is that he’s for sure for the whole family. On his speak shows, he frequently has top top inspiring and also motivational guests, which world love come see. He additionally has funny skits that civilization love, including this skit here where he rides approximately his collection on a play tricycle. It took place during his segment called “Just One more Thing,” whereby he rides approximately on the High Roller Adult Size big Wheel Drift Trike. It"s a little bit of a mouthful, but a nice cool set of wheel nonetheless.

7 Steve Harvey’s exaggeration A Ford – success A Ford Contest

via 107 JAMZ
below we see Steve together a beautiful Ford Mustang 5.0, which was component of one more contest and collaboration with Ford (these competitions including Steve Harvey it seems ~ to be a an excellent use of money because that the company). The Ford Mustang Hype-up-a-Ford challenge introduced pan from around the world, that then do one-minute videos that their own Ford Mustangs, trying to hype them up and also sell them come people. Several of the videos are pretty hilarious and the winner it s okay a corresponding Mustang 5.0. He’s had actually competitions with the Ford Edge, Ford Mustang, Ford Focus, Ford Flex, Ford Fusion, Ford Explorer, Ford Escape, and Ford F-150. Those civilization at Ford yes, really know just how to peddle your wares v celebrity endorsements!

This is a touching picture and was a poignant segment in one of Steve Harvey’s numerous inspirational skits on his talk show. ~ above the Steve Harvey Morning Show, an motivating teen that beat breast cancer to be surprised once she to be awarded her really own, brand brand-new Ford Focus. Arshawna Warren was offered a huge check and also the stunning blue car, v a “thank you” keep in mind from Harvey top top his social media that read, “Big thanks to mine friends in ~ Ford for helping me honor a survivor.” it closed through the hashtags “moregooddays,” “surpriserideweek,” and also
WarriorsInPink. What a great gift for a great cause!

5 spring Cool In A Vintage Car

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This sweet black-and-white photo looks prefer something right out of a GQ photoshoot (and there’s a high opportunity that that was). One of two people way, below we see Steve looking fly in this vintage car—it’s tough to call what sort of automobile it can be, however there are also images around of the driving in a standard 1957 Cadillac convertible and also this could really well be that car. Actually, we’re practically positive it is. He’s to be spotted in many other vintage cars, such together the 1957 Chevy v Jerry Seinfeld, and likewise an old, brown, vintage car of some kind with Jay Leno.

Steve Harvey and his huge pearly white teeth are not just the confront of his own shows, the mirrors he represents and also hosts, and also the suppliers he’s endorsed by. Friend can additionally find his challenge on the political parties of vans and cars all across America because he’s a huge giver come charities across the country. For instance, right here we check out a driver as part of the X102.3 radio show. She representing the Steve Harvey Morning display Turkey Giveaway, which that puts top top every year. Together kings and also noteworthies throughout the soil are famed for doing, he likes to give out turkeys come the bad during Thanksgiving, so the no one walk hungry. It"s an admirable cause.

3 The type Of car He was Living In once He to be Homeless

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Steve Harvey’s story is a great one since of the trials and tribulations he had to attend to to acquire to where he is now. He wasn’t born through a silver spoon in his mouth, which is more than likely why he is so relatable and also likable. World like to watch a rags-to-riches story, which is accurate the story of Steve Harvey. He struggled with homelessness in his youth, while life in LA trying to get famous, and also he’s come the end the various other side with a really entertainment empire. That told people Magazine the years ago (when he was 59), he to be living in a 1988 Ford Tempo, using an Igloo cooler together a refrigerator, showering up in rest stop bathrooms, and also trying to do it as a comedian.

you can’t ever before say the Steve Harvey hasn’t done points for various other people. Sure, we might all perform more, however Steve has gone to great lengths to make sure people around him finish up happy. Such was the situation when he collection up Chino High college basketball star Melanie Henderson through the prom date of her life: the #1 NBA prospect from Duke, Jahlil Okafor. Here we check out them happy standing in former of a flashy Rolls-Royce (which only seems ideal for Harvey), i m sorry they to be loaned for the day to journey around. The puzzle renders sense now! as soon as Steve’s friend said the Rolls-Royce Ghost he was borrowing to be “too small,” this must have actually been the auto they to be referring to—since they knew Okafor is 6 foot, 11 customs tall!

1 hot 107.3 complimentary Turkey Giveaway

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via hot 107.3 Jamz
together you have the right to see, Steve Harvey’s face really is plastered all over the location on vans providing out totally free turkeys because that Thanksgiving. We have to wonder how much that spends each year on these type of giveaways. This stylish lady in hot pink is control a hot pink van for a 107.3 radio station, house of “Old School and Today’s R&B.” The 2018 SHMS Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway was sponsored last year by 95.7 R&B, a station endorsed by The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, as they fed households throughout the holidays. And that seems favor a great place come end, so you recognize what kind of human being Steve Harvey is. He doesn’t desire anyone to finish up just how he ended up 30 years ago…