Definition noun, plural: halophiles an organism that thrives in an setting of high salinity Supplement A halophile is an organism that lives in an atmosphere that has a high salinity such together ocean and also solid salt crystals. Halophiles are uncovered thriving in habitats v a high concentration of salt, such together in the an excellent Salt Lake in Utah and also Owens Lake in California. Halophiles may be described as slightly, moderately, or incredibly halophilic based on the extent of their tolerance to salinity. Slight halophiles room those that flourish in 1.7 to 4.8% salt content. Moderate halophiles space those that choose 4.7 to 20% salt content. Extreme halophiles prefer 20 to 30% salt content.1 The last may likewise be referred to as extreme halophiles or hyperhalophiles. Halobacteria (now Haloarchaea) room archaea that prefer an atmosphere that is saturated through salt. Salinibacter ruber is one more extremely halophilic organism. The is a red bacterium found in saltern crystallizer ponds in Alicante and Mallorca, Spain. That optimally grows in an environment with a salinity varying from 20 to 30%. It can not live in an environment listed below 15% salt concentration. As for eukaryotes, the fungus Wallemia ichthyophaga and the green alga Dunaliella salina are instances of halophiles. Brine shrimp and also the larvae o brine paris are also eukaryotic halophiles. Halophiles are able come live in saline environment because they deserve to accumulate interior organic compatible solutes that deserve to balance the osmotic anxiety of their environment. Rather are capable of developing acidic proteins that boost solvation and also thereby improve role in high salinity.2 Word origin: halo- (salt) + phile (love) Also called:


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1 Ollivier, B., Caumette, P., Garcia, J-L. And also Mah, R. (1994) Anaerobic bacteria from hypersaline environments. Microbiological reviews 58(1):27-38.

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2 DasSarma, S., and also DasSarma, P. (Mar 2012) Halophiles. In: eLS. John Wiley & young Ltd, Chichester. Retrieved from ://


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