The royal family is consisted of of some impressive linguists. In between the entirety lot, they deserve to speak approximately seven languages, consisting of French, German, Spanish, and Welsh. However, part are much more fluent than others. How numerous languages go Queen Elizabeth speak? us take a closer look at her etymological proficiency, ahead.

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What language does Queen Elizabeth speak?

In the imperial family, discovering a foreign language is a must. However, no all members that the royal family are fluently in many languages. Situation in point: Queen Elizabeth knows a couple of phrases and words in assorted languages, but is just fluent in two. However, she son, Prince Charles and also her grandson, Prince wilhelm know about five each.

What languages does Queen Elizabeth speak? discover out, below


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Today, The Queen has released a message ahead of commonwealth Day on Monday. "Commonwealth Day has a special meaning this year as we note the 70th anniversary the the London Declaration, when nations of the republic agreed to move forward with each other as cost-free and equal members. The vision and also sense of connection that inspired the signatories has stood the check of time, and the commonwealth continues to grow, adapting come address modern-day needs. "Today, countless millions the people around the human being are attracted together due to the fact that of the collective values common by the Commonwealth. In April last year, I invited the leader of ours 53 countries to Buckingham Palace and Windsor castle for the republic Heads of federal government Meeting, and also we every witnessed just how the commonwealth vision provides hope, and also inspires us to find ways of protecting our planet, and our people. "We are able come look come the future with better confidence and also optimism together a an outcome of the links that we share, and thanks come the networks the cooperation and mutual assistance to which us contribute, and on which we draw. V enduring commitment v times of good change, successive generations have actually demonstrated the whilst the goodwill for which the commonwealth is renowned may be intangible, its affect is an extremely real. "We suffer this as people of every backgrounds proceed to find new ways of expressing through action the worth of belonging in a connected Commonwealth. Ns hope and also trust the many more will commit to doing therefore this commonwealth Day." PA pictures #commonwealth

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To state the obvious, Queen Elizabeth is expert in English. She Majesty to be born and raised in England and also English was her first language. The said, her accent is certain to a certain class — aka royalty and also other noble, wealthy people — and also called posh or, “the Queen’s English.” as soon as a king is ~ above the throne, the “the king English.” an intricate that!


In addition to English, Queen Elizabeth is fluent in French. According to Express, she most likely learned the language as a tiny child from she tutor and governess, Marion Crawford. Once visiting the neighboring country, the queen sticks come French and also once even gave a decided in French in ~ a State Banquet in 2014.

“Her reading an abilities were great — both pronunciation and rhythm were an extremely good, yet you could feel she was rather tense,” research in the language expert, Camille Chevalier-Karfi told French newspaper, The Local. “I was impressed by the quality of her French … no stuttering pour la reine.”

Similarly, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are currently learning a international language from your nanny, Maria Turrion Borrallo, whose native language is Spanish.

What languages does her household speak?

~ above #CommonwealthDay The Duke and Duchess that Cambridge and also The Duke and Duchess of Sussex joined The Queen and also Members of the
TheRoyalFamily for the republic Day business at Westminster Abbey. The template of this year’s company was ‘A associated Commonwealth’. The Queen, Head that the Commonwealth, sent a commonwealth Day post in which HM highlighted how people around the world are drawn together since of the cumulative values shared by the Commonwealth. PA

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The royal family is chock full of linguists — 2 of which space future queens — and speak a grasp of language fluently, as well as some other phrases and also words. Right here are the international languages you could hear members the the royal household speak.


The queen no the only one through French schooling under she belt. Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Philip, Princess Anne, and Prince Andrew every speak French.


Several members the the royal family are fluently in German, including Prince Philip who thrived up speak the foreign tongue in his family. Prince Charles and also Prince william both speak German, too.


The Prince that Wales (Prince Charles) and future Prince the Wales (Prince William) deserve to both speak Welsh, too. However, their fluency is unknown.

now The Duke and also Duchess the Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess the Sussex to visit a reception at Buckingham Palace held by The Queen
TheRoyalFamily to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Investiture that The Prince that Wales. Monitor
ClarenceHouse come see much more from today’s reception.

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Prince Charles and Prince William also know a small bit of Gaelic and also likely speak unit volume or words when visiting northern Ireland and also Scotland.


As we stated above, two of the family’s youngest linguists are finding out Spanish from their nanny. The unclear how much Prince George and Princess Charlotte understand but, with more practice and also years speak the languages, lock could end up being fluent.


Prince wilhelm knows a small bit of Swahili, too. The fight it out of Cambridge speak the language while visiting the Swahili-speaking countries in Africa.


Some royals even know Russian. Apparently, Prince Michael of Kent and his wife, Princess Michael can speak the foreign language.


Meghan Markle knows a small Tagalog (the language the the Philippines). While visiting Edinburgh v Prince Harry, she was heard speak “Salamat Po,” which way “thank you” in the language.