The process by i m sorry detritivores return carbon come the atmosphere is decomposition.

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-Decomposers, biology that failure organic compounds (which ultimately leads come mineralization, the process of turning organic material into not natural material). Decomposition release compounds sequestered in non-living organic matter. This may include whole dead organisms, pieces such together leaves, fecal matter, or nearly anything girlfriend throw right into the compost pile.

-Decomposition wake up in three stages, always beginning through dead essential matter and also involving plenty of bacteria, fungi, and also detritus feeders. Since this dead necessary matter have the right to be complex, there must be a succession of species to complete the process.

2. Answer;


Algae removes carbon indigenous the atmosphere.


-CO2 is removed from the atmosphere primarily by photosynthesis and returned by respiration. Land plants, algae and cyanobacteria (autotrophic biology or producers) are converting not natural carbon (atmospheric CO2, liquified CO2) in organic carbon (biomass).

-All birds contain chlorophyll even though they might not show up green. Some algae are red or brown in shade this is since they contain more red or brown.pigments (colour). Chlorophyll is choose a manufacturing facility within algae and also is provided to make its own sugars. This sugars are dubbed glucose. All birds cells contain chlorophyll. Algae likewise need carbon dioxide to make sugars. Algae are good for the setting as castle absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and use the to do energy.

3. Answer;

-Dead organic matter and also excreted wastes

Detritus is created of dead organic matter and excreted wastes.


-Detritivores are likewise referred to as decomposers who obtain their power from detritus; consumed by secondary and tertiary consumers. There are many examples that detritivores; some of them incorporate millipedes, dung beetles, earthworms, fiddler crabs and sea cucumbers. Earthworms eat disk plant and animal matter in the soil.

-Decomposers break down the dead organisms v decomposition if the detritivores consume the decaying organisms.


Decomposition; Algae; Dead and decaying necessary matter


The process by i beg your pardon the detrivores can bring the carbon earlier into atmosphere. The decomposers room the biology that malfunction the organic issue into inorganic materials in the soil.

The algae uses the carbon dioxide existing in the atmosphere and also use it because that the procedure of photosynthesis. Algae, plants and some organism usage this carbon dioxide to transform into glucose in the existence of sunlight.

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Detritus is composed of dead and decaying necessary matters. The detrivores room the organism that feed on the detritus for obtaining energy. It serves as food for them.