In the olden daysof agree sports, most players offered to rod with simply one team for their wholecareers. Today, though, players are more likely to it is in “journeymen,” or bouncearound your league, play for multiple teams. Right here are the biggestjourneymen of every time, or rather the players whose journeys take it them come thehighest variety of teams.

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NBA: Chucky Brown

Between the late1980s and also the early 2000s, Chucky Brown played at just around every level ofprofessional basketball…including for more NBA teams than any kind of other player inhistory. The Cleveland Cavaliers drafted him out of phibìc Carolina State in1989. He played there for two years before a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers.He was there for most of a season, then a season v the new Jersey Nets, and,in the loss of 1993, he was signed come the Dallas Mavericks…for who he playedjust one game (in which the scored 3 points.) that got cut early enough in theseason that he had the ability to jump to the minor league Continental BasketballAssociation. In 1994, Brown signed v the Miami Heat…who reduced him before theseason started, so it was earlier to the CBA because that the year. In the 1995-96 season,he went back to the NBA through the Houston Rockets, and, together a starter, played inevery game and also won an NBA championship. Nevertheless, the team traded himbefore the 1996-97 season to the Phoenix Suns, who, after 10 games, sent out him tothe Milwaukee Bucks. He complied with that up v season-long stint through similartenures in Atlanta, Charlotte, san Antonio, Charlotte again, gold State, halfa season in Cleveland again, and a final fifty percent season in 2002 v theSacramento Kings. Total variety of teams: 12.


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MLB: Octavio Dotel

What’s remarkableabout Diaz jumping native team to team is the he mostly avoided significant LeagueBaseball’s tendency to send players “down to the minors” to improve theirskills. ~ a six-year stint in the brand-new York Mets farm system, he was a goodenough pitcher to remain in the majors for many of 15 seasons, and yet no squadseemed to have actually a ar for him for long. After play well in a organization in hisnative Dominican Republic, the brand-new York Mets signed Dotel in 1993, and hefinally make it to “the large show” in 1999, where he pitched to a respectable8-3 document with 85 strikeouts. At season’s end, he gained traded to Houston, wherehe periodically pitched native 2000 to the middle of the 2004 season, once heheaded come Oakland. In every one of 2006, the pitched 30 innings for the new YorkYankees, a pit avoid on his method to Kansas City, then Atlanta, Chicago (the WhiteSox), Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Colorado, Toronto, St. Louis, and Detroit. Heretired in 2013. Total number of teams: 13.

NHL: MikeSillinger

Sillinger played atcenter in the NHL because that a chuck 17 seasons in between 1990 and also 2009. In additionto part minor league and European squads, that hit the ice cream for nearly half of theleague’s squads. He was traded a total of ripe times, i beg your pardon is also an NHLrecord. Entering pro hockey through the Regina Pats of the west Hockey League,Sillinger do it to the Detroit Red wings in 1990, wherein he remained until atrade to the Mighty ducks of Anaheim in 1995…then a relocate to the VancouverCanucks…another come the Philadelphia Flyers…and the Tampa only Lightning, FloridaPanthers, Ottawa Senators, Columbus Blue Jackets, Phoenix Coyotes, St. LouisBlues, Nashville Predators, and the brand-new York Islands for three, long,NHL-career capping seasons. Total number of teams: 12.

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NFL: Shayne Graham

Between all theoffensive, defensive, and special teams players, football team rosters aregigantic…and that doesn’t also count the extra players approximately for preseasongames and also on the practice squad. If those not-quite-on-the-team stints areincluded, placekicker Graham is the all-time NFL journeyman. ~ preseasonstints with new Orleans and also Seattle in 2000 and 2001, he play in six actualgames because that Buffalo, but returned to Seattle for the 2002 preseason beforeplaying in 11 games that year because that Carolina. Native 2003 come 2009, he uncovered asemi-permanent house in Cincinnati and also shined, earning a agree Bowl choice in2005. That wound increase in Baltimore in 2010 but didn’t do it to the consistent seasonroster, just to beat in one continual season games for the brand-new York Giants. In2011, that almost made the squads in Washington and also Dallas and also then didfor Miami and Baltimore (again). A 2012 season in Houston was followed byalmost-fieldings from Cleveland and Pittsburgh. The finished the end his job in2015 after suiting increase for new Orleans (again) and also Atlanta. Total number ofteams: 16.