the correct answer would be: son or closest relative rules after the king dies .You are watching: What pattern was set for future chinese dynasties

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HEY THERE!!QUESTION:- What pattern was set for future Chinese dynasties?ANSWER:- son or closest relative rules after the king dies new elections are held after the king dies.Hope it helps you.

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What pattern was set for future chinese dynasties? son or closest relative rules after the king die...If the lease in a sale-leaseback transaction meets one of the four leasing criteria and is therefore accounted for as a capital lease, who records the...In 2012, the city of Miketown collected $250,000 in taxes and spent $350,000. In 2012, the city of Miketown had a A) budget surplus of $100,000. B) bu...40. Construct Arguments Marcia and David each multiplied 5.6 x 10 and 7.21 X 100. Marcia got 0.56 and 0.721 for her products. David...A Musician class has been built that takes the name, number of albums sold, and number of weeks that artist has been on the Top40 list. The Musician c...A researcher claims that the mean annual cost of raising a child (age 2 and under) by husband-wife families in the U. S. is $13,960. In a random sampl...In Chapter 14 of Frankenstein, the creature conveys the story of the cottagers, specifically how Felix met and fell in love with Safie. Based on the a...Seven-year-old George, who possesses average academic ability, is a problematic student. He continuously disrupts the classroom decorum and talks to o...Y , the air viscosity µ, the wind velocity V, the rotation rate Ωand the number of blades n. (a) Write this relationship in dimensionless form. A mode...The firm will prefer stronger incentives (that is, commission on sales closer to 100%) if: A. Organization have a tall hierarchy B. Employee is less r...Which of the following statements concerning power is FALSE? a. Power is a social relationship that involves both leaders and followers. b. Persons in...A proton and a deuteron are moving with equal velocities perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field. A deuteron has the same charge as the proton but h...Lines Line D E and Line A B are parallel. Lines D E and A B are parallel. Angles B and D are alternate interior angles. Which angles represent alterna...A study was done on the timeliness of flights (on-time vs. delayed) of two major airlines: StatsAir and AirMedian. Data were collected over a period o...Nora, Ko, Ian, and May each think that Ms. Akey may be a slightly better teacher than Mr. Schwenke. After discussing why each of them believes this to...A steam power plant operates on an ideal Rankine cycle with two stages of reheat and has a net power output of 60 MW. Steam enters all three stages of...On October 5, Metlock Company buys merchandise on account from Ivanhoe Company. The selling price of the goods is $5,240, and the cost to Ivanhoe Comp...The following information is given for ether, C2H5OC2H5, at 1atm: boiling point = 34.6 °C Hvap(34.6 °C) = 26.5 kJ/mol specific heat liquid = 2.32 J/g°...The distance between slits in a double-slit experiment is decreased by a factor of 2. If the distance between fringes is small compared to the distanc...See more: How Much Protein In 1Lb Chicken Breast, 1 Lb Nutrition FactsYou are registered.Access to your account will be opened after verification and publication of the question.Pick a subjectMathematicsHistoryEnglishBiologyChemistryPhysicsSocial StudiesAdvanced Placement (AP)SATGeographyHealthArtsBusinessComputers and TechnologyFrenchGermanSpanishWorld Languages