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Step through step method for calculating what percent the 60 is 51

We currently have our very first value 60 and the second value 51. Let"s assume the unknown value is Y which answer we will uncover out.

As we have actually all the compelled values we need, now we have the right to put them in a simple mathematical formula as below:

STEP 1Y = 51/60

By multiply both numerator and denominator by 100 we will certainly get:

STEP 2Y = 51/60 × 100/100 = 85/100

STEP 3Y = 85

Finally, us have discovered the value of Y i m sorry is 85 and also that is our answer.

You have the right to use a calculator to uncover what percent that 60 is 51, just get in 51 ÷ 60 × 100 and you will get your answer i beg your pardon is 85

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Here is a calculator to solve portion calculations such as what percent the 60 is 51. You deserve to solve this form of calculation v your worths by beginning them right into the calculator"s fields, and click "Calculate" to obtain the an outcome and explanation.

What percent of

Sample questions, answers, and how to

Question: her uncle had actually 60 share of his own company a few years earlier, and now he has 51 the them. What percent of the shares of his firm he has actually now?

Answer: He has 85 percent of share of his company now.

How To: The crucial words in this difficulty are "What Percent" due to the fact that they let us understand that it"s the Percent that is missing. So the 2 numbers that it provides us need to be the "Total" and the "Part" us have.

Part/Total = Percent

In this case, it"s the complete that our uncle owned. For this reason we put 60 on the bottom the the portion and 51 top top top. Now we"re all set to figure out the part we don"t know; the Percent.

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51/60 = Percent

To uncover the percent, every we must do is transform the fraction into that percent type by multiplying both top and bottom component by 100 and here is the means to number out what the Percent is:

51/60 × 100/100 = 85/100

85 = Percent

And that way he has 85 percent the the shares of his agency now.

Another step by step method

Step 1: Let"s settle the equation because that Y by very first rewriting that as: 100% / 60 = Y% / 51

Step 2: fall the percent marks to leveling your calculations: 100 / 60 = Y / 51

Step 3: main point both sides by 51 to isolation Y top top the right side of the equation: 51 ( 100 / 60 ) = Y