If you must replace parts in a Moen faucet in her bathroom or kitchen, you’ll likely need one Allen wrench to remove particular parts. Keep analysis for a quick guide ~ above what type of Allen wrench you’ll require for her project. Regardless of why you should take personally a faucet in your home, us are below to aid you figure it out.

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Which dimension Allen Wrench will I Need?

For the many part, Moen uses hardware the will need a 7/64 customs hex wrench. This applies to Moen Renzo faucets, handle collection screws ~ above one-handle kitchen faucets, and PosiTemp levers in Moen showers.

Are The Hex Wrench and The Allen Wrench The same Thing?

The terms ‘hex wrench’ and also ‘Allen wrench’ may be supplied interchangeably. One Allen vital or Allen wrench is also known together a hex key. That is a small tool that deserve to be supplied to journey bolts and also screws with a hexagonal socket. These tools are accessible in a variety of sizes to fit a many of various needs.

When it pertains to repairing a faucet, you’ll need an appropriately sized hex wrench to carry out the trick. Every one of the sizes have the exact same hexagonal-shaped tip. Even if it is you need to check the cartridge in the valve human body or examine the inner of the faucet for rust, you need to select the proper size the wrench because that removal.

How perform You get A Stripped Allen Bolt out Of A Moen Faucet Handle?

Perhaps girlfriend are prepared to start your repair on her faucet. Maybe it is leaking water or make a strange whistling noise, or the take care of will no turn. You have actually done your research and also are prepared to obtain going ~ above the problem and also move towards a solution. However, you go to eliminate the set-screw, which is just one of the initial steps in many processes, and it is stripped. Now what?

Before you gain too stunner with an intricate equipment, shot a couple of simple top to eliminate the stripped bolt. You deserve to use pliers to try and grip the head of the screw to rotate it counterclockwise. If you use this method, be sure to turn progressively to loosen where it is caught.


If that didn’t work, try using a rubber band. Ar the rubber band over the stripped bolt. Use a flathead screwdriver and also drive it into the rubber band. The rubber band will aid fill the gaps and assist remove the screw. If the screw is fully stripped or the fastener is as well big, this technique usually will not cut it.

You likewise can shot using a flathead screwdriver after transforming the screw into a flathead. Execute this by producing a groove in the head through a Dremel or file. As soon as you have gotten a solid notch made, use a flathead screwdriver to eliminate it. However, it is vital to keep in mind that this technique will damages the head of the screw, so perform not use this method if you are trying come steer clean of that.

If nobody of these methods have worked, shot using this method. Together frustrating together it is, removing a stripped set screw is doable with the appropriate equipment.

For this, you’ll need:

Power drillHammerAdjustable pliers the lockScrew extractorsMetal drill bit

Remove The Stripped Allen Bolt

Start by gathering every one of your tools. You have to ensure the you achieve the ideal size of screw extractor, as you will need to connect the head to the screw. Attach the correct metal drill bit to your power drill. Hold the drill little on the stripped screw head, best centered, for ideal results.

Drill a pit into the screw the is around 6.5 millimeters. Switch your drill to turning back to remove the screw. That is an important that you choose the correct dimension of little to drill the hole, or the extractor will not work.

Place the screw extractor into the feet in the screw. Use the hammer to drive the extractor in further. Make sure the extractor fits snugly in the screw hole, or you will not be able to remove the stripped screw.

Now that you’ve got the extractor firmly set into the screw hole, usage your flexible wrench or locking pliers come maneuver the screw extractor warm in a counterclockwise motion. The stripped screw will start to turn out the the faucet once you begin to revolve it.

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Once you acquire the stripped bolt out, you can continue with any kind of necessary repairs. Psychic to acquire a replacement screw for this reason you nothing run right into this concern again as soon as trying to remove the faucet handle screw or shower handle screw.