Only a privileged few have heard the sound a leopard makes. These elusive and solitary cats room usually silent. However they deserve to make one of the many impressive sound in the pet kingdom.

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Time stands still when you listen a leopard roar. As deep as a lion call, together evocative as any elephant hoot, the leopard sound is a call of the wild.

Leopards nothing purr


The biggest four cat types are different. They have a ligament in their voice box. By stretching this ligament castle allow an ext air to pass throughout the vocal cords. This help to create a depths sound and a wider range the tones.That means that lions, jaguars, leopards and tigers have the right to roar, but can’t purr. Therefore cheetahs and all various other cats are capable of a continuous purring sound while the most majestic predators room not.

African leopards space usually silent

Lions routinely roar out, alerting whatever within 12 kilometres to your presence. However, leopards don’t like to offer up their location.

These secretive pets prefer to be elusive and also keep sounds to a minimum.

Furthermore, African leopards are solitary. Therefore they don’t have actually anyone to share day-to-day sounds with.

Communicating v smell


Staying quiet doesn’t average they don’t communicate. Leopards have an exceptional sense the smell and also they use this to mark territory and communicate messages through rivals and mates.

Did you recognize that leopards have actually urine odor glands between their toes and also on the tail? it is in enhancement to odor glands on your head and also cheeks.


Females and males interact through scents, long before they actually meet and mate.

The sawing leopard roar

The most iconic the the leopard sound is a lengthy sawing roar.

Lions have actually a distinctive grunting roar. Leopards have the baritone pitch. Your roars space hoarse and also are recurring for as much as a minute. It can sound a small like a experienced working its means through a hard tree trunk.
It can also sound like a according to rasping cough, especially the clear definition to every inhale and exhale.This sound is provided when a leopard really wants to it is in heard. Over there isn’t any definitive evidence on how much this sound travels yet it’s most likely to be comparable to a lion – 12 kilometres.

Note the a leopard’s audio senses are five times greater than the of humans. They can hear a greater selection of pitch and also pick up on sound from much further away. This is as result of highly progressed ear flaps that concentrate sound tide deeper through their hear canals.A roar is a display of dominance. It may be provided when the leopard is endangered or to note territory. Fights between males are relatively common and also these roars will certainly be supplied as a precursor to battle.

Leopards have individualistic calls

Every leopard has its own identifiable call. A rival can plainly distinguish that is roaring in ~ them through the trees.After make a call the roar may be answered by an additional leopard. This interaction will be repeated as the leopard says its case to a certain territory.

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Other tremendous Sounds top top the Savannah

Spotting a single leopard is frequently the to mark of whole week ~ above safari. These are maybe the most revered of all safari animals and it’s a pleasure just to glimpse one.Listening to one is also rarer. Girlfriend will have to be lucky to experience such a beautiful orchestral moment. However was the roar really a leopard or a lion?Read around the sound a lion makes, sounds made by elephants, buffalo and rhinos.
And if you’ve been on safari and also tuned your ears to a leopard, please let us know.