Yaks space able to withstand temperatures that -40degrees C (–40 degrees F). At this temperature, castle have even been watched bathing in lakes and also rivers. The yak’s warm coat provides insulation with a thick outer coating of long hair and a thick inner coating of matted, much shorter fur.

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Amazing Facts around the Yak

many yaks are domesticated although there is likewise a small, vulnerable wild yak population.Yaks space herd animals. Herds have the right to contain several hundred individuals, return they space often much smaller.The herds consist mainly of females and also their young, v a smaller variety of adult males.A an excellent deal of your time is invested grazing on mountain plains, eat grass, herbs and also wild flowers.Yaks live in ~ the highest possible altitude of any mammal.Similar to other cow species, the yak has more than one stomach which it provides to efficiently get all the nutrients out the the plants it eats.Yaks have firm, dense horns which they usage to break v snow in bespeak to obtain the plants that are buried underneath. Lock will also use your horns in defence.They have a thick undercoat spanned by outer hair i m sorry is normally dark brown to black color in color, which almost reaches to the ground.In winter a yak can survive temperatures as low together -40 degrees C (-40 levels F).At night and also in snowstorms castle will protect themselves from the cold through huddling up in addition to their calves in the warmer centre.

Yaks usually give birth in June. A mrs yak provides birth to a solitary calf every other year. The mom will discover a secluded clues to provide birth. Once born, the calf is able come walk within around ten minutes and the pair will certainly rejoin the herd.Yaks are very friendly in nature and there has been very little documented aggression from yaks towards human being beings, although mothers have the right to be incredibly protective of your young and also will bluff fee if they feeling threatened.Contrary to renowned belief, yaks and their manure have small to no detectable odor once maintained appropriately in pastures or paddocks through adequate accessibility to forage and water.Yaks grunt and, unequal cattle, are not recognized to develop the characteristics bovine lowing (mooing) sound.Historically, the main natural predator that the wild yak has been the Tibetan Wolf, however Brown Bears and also Snow Leopards have likewise been report to predate on Yak in some areas.Wild yak are threatened through habitat loss and over-hunting by humans.

Photo: travelwayoflife – wikimedia commons

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Quick Facts

Type: MammalDiet: HerbivoreLifespan: 15-20 yearsSize: 2-2.2 metresHabitat: Grassy plains in like the mountain regionsRange: The Himalayan an ar of south central Asia, the Tibetan Plateau and as much north together Mongolia and Russia.Scientific name: Bos grunniens (domesticated), Bos mutus (wild)