It’s so good to bond with a crush and also whishper sweet points to every other. The an essential to taking the connection to the next level is by responding come flirtation well. Just how do you do that?

Be careful, if you nothing respond well to your crush’s flirtation, they will think the you don’t want to be closer come them i m sorry is opposing of what girlfriend want, right? that is why, you must use what come say when your crush calls friend cute and also how come act normal:

When her Crush Calls friend Cute, how Do you Act Normal


The method to mask the nervousness is to merely smile a genuine and thankful smile. This is enough to make her crush recognize that girlfriend really evaluate the compliment the he/she gives.

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2. Say The Words over Without Stuttering

Now, the most crucial trick in saying every the words over is come make sure that it originates from the heart and also you to speak it v confidence. If friend stutter or seem prefer you room memorizing, your crush will recognize that something is wrong and also the awkwardness will certainly show.

3. Hug her Crush

Hugging lock tightly lets out every the nervousness the you have actually been maintaining in the pit of your heart. That is also a great Physical indications A mrs Likes You.

4. Nothing Deflect The Compliment

Don’t adjust the topic quickly. It shows that you space not comfortable through being complimented like that. Instead, shot to communicate with the compliment her crush just said.

5. Look lock In The Eye

In doing this steps, remember to look at your crush in the eye warmly.

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6. Take It Slow

The mistake us make that renders the awkwardness show is through rushing things. What friend should shot instead is take it a deep breath and also do all the steps above slowly.

The following time your crush flirts through you and also say “you’re such a cute guy/girl”, you already know what come say as soon as your like calls friend cute and also how to act normal. The way, every little thing will walk smoothly and also you’ll be also closer to your crush!