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I to be a social worker and also clinical hypnotherapist with over 38 years endure working v individuals, couples, families and groups. Through the year I have refined my work by studying with four good teachers who brought new perspectives and brand-new energy come the old world of psychoanalysis and also psychotherapy. All of these masters to be originals and I have actually incorporated your work into my own way of communicating with people. Ns hope that if and when you work with me you benefit by my integration of the healing and empowering principles of this pioneers. Ns think i am one of the few clinicians who has worked so very closely with this four.

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My experience as a student v Milton Erickson, M.D., a psychiatrist claimed to it is in the biggest medical hypnotist in the world, was powerful because he to be so comfortable v his own unconscious. So i felt safe enough to be comfortable with my inner experiences. I was cost-free to think and also feel everything I necessary to and also he was ideal there through me. I am committed to creating that deep level of security with whomever i work.

I believe that Milton Erickson demystified hypnosis and also revolutionized psychological and also psychoanalytical presumptions of working with the unconscious. He changed the direction the psychotherapy and also created possibilities for people to experience brand-new levels of accomplishment and joy.

Virginia Satir’s work with family members systems is explained by the anthropologist and also consultant come the U.N., Jean Houston, PhD, as the most an effective model of household therapy there is. Every of us carries within us our own family members unconscious even if it is or no we are aware of just how it affects ours lives.

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Moshe Feldenkrais’ revolutionary job-related with body-mind organization has given us hypnotic devices that create shortcuts come many-leveled alters in variety of movement and feeling. That said, “The best method to find out is in pleasure” and always talked of “The aesthetic appreciation of self.”

Kay Thompson, DDS, used language so brilliantly that human being listening to her could go right into hypnosis immediately. She taught her hemophiliac dentist patients to control their bleeding for this reason well that they didn’t need anti-coagulant medications during dental procedures. She said, “Feed lock the indigenous that are symbols of your experience.”

Here are some of the areas that I work with:

AnhedoniaAnxietyCancerChild birthCouple/marital therapyDepressionDissociationFamily therapyHabit problemsIBS (irritable bowel syndrome)Low self-esteemNeurological complaintsPain controlPerformance anxietyPersonality problemsPhobiasPost-traumatic stressPre and post-surgeryProcrastination.Sexual abuseSexual problemsSleep disordersSocial phobiaStage frightStep-family therapyTraumaUrinary problemsWeight loss

You are welcome to speak to me in ~ 212-873-4557 for an initial confidential phone conversation. We have the right to talk about what friend would prefer to accomplish in therapy and also I have the right to tell you exactly how I work. There is no charge and also no duty on your part. Every ethnic and also sexual identities space welcome.

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