Advantages that Canal Irrigation:

1. Un-irrigated wastelands have the right to be occurred by canal irrigation, i beg your pardon would boost the quantity of biomass in the area.

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2. Economic advancement can be expedited by avoiding dangerous droughts. Dependence on rainfall deserve to be lessened through canal development.

3. Canals are fed by rain water got by rivers, and also the water is supplied for irrigation. Manufacturing of plants needing an ext water is also feasible through canals. As contrasted to un-irrigated soils, greater productivity per hectare is also possible due to canals.


4. Canal device is a permanent structure, hence only maintain is required for gaining its services for a long time.

5. Canals room multi-purpose whereby apart from watering hydro electricity generation, navigation, drinking water supply and fishery advance is also done.

6. Groundwater level does not go down on account that canal irrigation, however on the contradictory water level increases, i m sorry facili­tates digging the wells.

7. Canals are additionally becoming a resource of tourist attraction this days.

Disadvantages that Canal Irrigation:

1. Due to imbalance in circulation of canal water, a instance of scarcity somewhere and water logging in other areas is caused as result of collection of water there. It renders the soil unproductive as harmful underground salts and alkalies come to the surface ar level because of water logging. Floor can additionally become marshy there.


2. Plenty of diseases are caused as result of spread that mosquitoes, worms and also insects on account the stationary water in canals.

3. Sometimes efficient canal management results in extreme production that crops, due to which the farmers room not able to get an ideal price for their product in the market.

4. Because of shortage that water in inundational canals, plants are ruined for desire of water for irrigation.


5. Regular maintenance of canals is not done, because of which sediments are accumulated resulting in reduction of capacity of canals.

6. As result of excessive financial investment, that is no practicable to administer canal watering to every areas. Building and construction of canals likewise takes much more time.

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7. Many varieties of social evils are produced in canal areas. Sometimes, disputes arise because that water distribution etc. Causing murders and throwing of dead bodies by the bank of a canal.

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