Guy Penrod is one American gospel singer and is popularly well-known for being the command singer that the American southerly gospel vocal group, Gaither Vocal Band.

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Quick Info
Birth NameGuy Allen Penrod
Birth PlaceTaylor, Texas, united States
Birth Date2nd July 1963
FatherRev. Joseph Loren “Joe” Penrod
MotherBarbara Josie Penrod
Height 6 feet 2 inch or 188 cm
Weight80 kg or 176lbs
Zodiac SignCancer
EducationHobbs High School, Liberty University
SpouseAngie (Clark)
Children7 sons and also a daughter
ProfessionGospel Singer
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
Net Worth4 million dollars
Source: Booking agent Info

Where was man born and raised?

Guy Penrod was born on 2nd July 1963 in a city in Texas dubbed Taylor, unified States. His birth surname is Guy Allen Penrod and also he was born to Barbara Josie Penrod and Rev. Joseph Loren “Joe” Penrod. His dad was temple Baptist Church’s lead pastor. He doesn’t have any siblings.

Penrod was increased in brand-new Mexico city, Hobbs. He has American nationality and white ethnicity. He has actually Christain religion.

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Guy Penrod was educated in Hobbs High School in Hobbs, brand-new Mexico whereby he spent his childhood. He currently knew what he was going to it is in in the future during his high school. He later graduated native a Christian private university in Lynchburg called Liberty University.

How did Penrod begin his Career?

Guy released his first album as soon as he was simply in high school. He began working together a earlier vocalist and a studio singer in 1980. He has sung for several famous Christian music singers choose Garth Brooks, Amy Grant, James Ingram, Steve Green, Carman, and also others. He used to also sing in the church choir group.

In 1994, he join the vocalist band Gaither Vocal Band in addition to members consisting of David Phelps, Wes Hampton, Marl Lowry, Michael English, and also Bill Gaither – the founder that the group. The member was replaced multiple times but it came to be the well-known gospel team in the world.

Penrod made decision to leave the band in January 2009 and also he to reduce his own solo album referred to as Hymns in august of the exact same year. His album marketed over 100 thousands units and became 2012’s top-selling southerly gospel album. Before that, his album, The Best of guy Penrod was certified platinum reaching 2005 Billboard 200’s 92nd position. Due to the fact that then, he has released numerous solos favor Worship, Live Hymns & Worship, Classics, and Blessed Assurance.

Penrod has been vested Soloist that the Year in 2013. The has more won Grammy and also Dove Award for his album, Christmas.

Who is Penrod married to?

Guy and also his mam Source: Instagram

Guy Penrod is a committed man and also has 8 children. The tied his knot to Angie (Clark). Among his 8 children, 7 of them space boys and 1 girl. He additionally has one granddaughter. His youngsters are every homeschooled and they are already independent. Among which one of his sons, Tyler Penrod is a skilled photographer and videographer.

Back in 2012, once he to be on a civilization tour, he experienced from chest ache which led him come cancel number of concerts. He went on to take a complete medication for his chest pain yet the pan misunderstood it together a heart attack. Every misunderstanding clearing out when he totally recovered indigenous his chest pain.

Penrod currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. That loves to invest time through his children and family as soon as he is no at church. His social media is to fill with images of the moment he spent with his family. He additionally loves playing golf and also we deserve to see him enjoy it golf v his child from time come time.

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Body Measurement

Guy Penrod is 57 year old turning 58 in July 2021. That is 6 feet 2 inches high which is around 188 cm and weighs 80 kg or 176lbs. He has actually white hair and light brown eyes. He own a slim body build. His sex-related orientation is straight and also he was born under the star sign, Cancer.

Social Media

Guy is energetic on Instagram whereby he has over 20 thousands followers and can be connected by
guypenrod. He is also energetic on Twitter where he has actually over 21.2 thousands followers and also can be connected by
GuyPenrod. He has multiple on facebook fan pages amongst which there is a personal group called Guy Penrod and Family with over 27.6 thousands members.

Penrod’s family members Source: Instagram

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What is the present Net precious of Penrod?

Guy Penrod has an approximated net precious of 4 million dollars together of 2021. That made his income from his gospel. He is a music lover and also a specialized worshipper. He makes his income out that his music career and also he is famous and well-known because that what the does. That is actively living his life specialized fully come worship and also the gospel.

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