The Cane Corso dog breed is a big dog breed that has a short, stubborn coat and also a face expression that can be very imposing.

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According to the American Kennel Club, the Corso’s family tree goes ago to ancient Roman times and also the breed’s Latin name roughly translates as ‘bodyguard dog’.The dogs were bred together guard dogs and to accompany their owner on searching expeditions.

These dogs space assertive and also have one imposing appearance. They was standing 27.5 – 28 inches in ~ the shoulder deserve to weigh more than 100 pounds. This is not a dog for a first-time owner as it’s a an effective dog that demands a firm hand.

This assertive dog needs ideal training from a young age. The Cane Corso is not a familiar dog. He is extremely protective the his family, but no in the the very least interested in other dogs or human being outside his family.

You have the right to consult the Cane Corso expansion chart to see exactly how your Cane Corso puppy is doing.

When perform Cane Corso dogs stop Growing


The typical life expectancy of 9 come 12 years method just that. Part dogs i will not ~ reach 9 year while there may be individuals that live much longer than 12 years. That course, dogs the eat a well balanced diet and also get enough exercise will certainly stand a much better chance that a lengthy life.

How lot Does It price To own A Cane Corso?

The price because that a Cane Corso ranges from $900-$2,000 with the typical price gift $1,100. However, if girlfriend are searching for a thoroughbred, you room looking at a starting price that $2,500 and can the ideal dogs have the right to fetch as lot as $8,500.

To the price of her dog, you should include the price of food, vet expenses, and basics choose a collar, leash, toys, bowls, a bed, and a dog license.

For this breed, friend must also include the expense of obedience training. The Cane Corso is a huge and solid dog that is assertive and also wilful. These dog need ideal training and also socialization otherwise castle can come to be a problem.

On average, you deserve to expect her dog to cost you approximately $1,640 every year.

Cane Corso Genetics and Common wellness Problems

Corso dogs space a healthy and balanced breed the doesn’t endure from countless ailments. However, like other large breeds, the Corso dog are likewise prone to hip dysplasia, which affects the joints.

Other conditions that this dogs room prone to, include eyelid abnormalities such together entropion, ectropion, and cherry eye and skin problems like demodectic mange. Gastric Torsion or bloat is an additional ailment the can affect these dogs. This problem happens when a dog’s stomach fills with gas, food, or liquid and also then twists. The a life-threatening disorder.

Cane Corso dogs are additionally prone come seizure disorders, specifically idiopathic epilepsy. Your vet deserve to treat the condition with medication.

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You can help your dog to stay healthy and balanced by offering him a balanced diet and also letting him get enough exercise to keep a healthy weight. Consult her vet ~ above the appropriate diet and exercise for her dog.