Is it typical for a 4 month old female rottie to it is in spotting blood? I assumed that the first heat bike wouldn’t come till 6 month or later.

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Could this it is in a symptom the illness? She eats and also plays just fine and doesn’t show any kind of other authorize of sickness.

Hi SelenaFour months is very early because that a Rottie pup to have her first season, however it’s certainly possible. All pups are different.

Generally the very first heat cycle will take place somewhere between 6 and also 8 month of age in a huge breed dog, and also after the there will certainly be a ‘season’ approx. As soon as every 6 months.

Some dogs will certainly come into season earlier, and/or more often though.

I would recommend having actually her watched by your vet come make sure that every is well and also that this is indeed her an initial heat bicycle though. That will put your mind at rest.

The just other point that I deserve to imagine would reason this is a UTI i m sorry can reason drops or streaks that blood, however generally in the urine. Ns personally think it’s more likely the she’s in season, but a experienced veterinary opinion would have the ability to confirm this for you.

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Oct 20, 2011
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The woman dog usually will have actually their an initial heat period at about 5 month to 1 year that age depending on the breed. As soon as your dog has actually her warmth period it will last about

3 weeks

First indications of warmth are.

Personality adjust up to a month prier come coming right into heat.

Your female might act shy for no reason or cranky with various other dogs or people, part dogs also become much more affectionate. What you are searching for is just a personality change. This is the female dog version of PMS.

Swollen, vulva

Up to a couple of weeks prior to being in complete heat her dog???s vulva will certainly seem larger and also puffier then normal

As she gets farther into her heat it might become loosened and floppy in the vulva. The main thing again to look for is a adjust in the vulva.

Increased urination

Some female will start urinating much more often, beware this is to leave her scent, to tell every the boys she is coming right into heat.

Teats breasts, nipples may gain a little pink and also puffy

Blood indigenous the vulva

You may notification some red blood on the floor or on your dogs bedding.

At the an initial sign of blood we will say this is the ???first day of heat???.

The dog will ovulate about 6 to 18 after first sign of blood.

As your female gets closer come ovulation the bloody discharge might turn pale pink, straw color or disappear altogether.

Your dog is most likely to get pregnant ~ the bleeding has actually stopped. Therefore just due to the fact that you see no blood sheep not typical it is safe to let girlfriend female dog approximately other dogs.

Once her dog gets close come ovulation she might become an ext friendly and also playful with other dogs.

The only real way to tell as soon as your mrs dog is ovulation is to take her into the vet???s office and have them examine her progesterone level.

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