In thing 3 or 4 of Black Butler, Sebastian is making use of a cell phone phone once talking come those guys who space holding Ciel captive.

Is this a wrong by the writer or something else? Isn"t Black Butler in the 1800s?



In the manga chapter 27 web page 41, it was displayed that Ciel Phantomhive to be born in 1875. Googling v the crucial phrase "the first cell phone" tells us that the very first mobile-phone was developed in 1973 by Motorola, i beg your pardon is 100 years after Ciel to be born.

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Since Ciel was 13 (12 during the an initial 14 chapters) in the story, cellphones should not have actually existed. Thus, choose lentinant stated in his comment, that is likely that the story takes place in an alternate reality.



In illustration 10, they go to a Frost fair on the Thames, the critical of which was in 1814.Jack the Ripper"s murders were in 1888.Queen Victoria reigned from 1839-1901.Presumably, some research either wasn"t done, or 100% historic accuracy to be ignored in favor of including all the elements the author wanted in the series.

It"s a quite silly collection too, for this reason what does that matter? Can"t complain about dates not lining increase when human being run through stone walls and also get spend by fire because that several secs without lasting burns.


They say the the 2 brothers in the tower were imprisoned in 1483, and also when Ciel talks around it, he describes this occasion as having actually taken location 400 years ago, so the must"ve remained in the 1850s and also plus.

As lentinant has actually commented above, Black Butler does not have actually a set time. The place is established as England and the era is clearly Victorian because of the architecture, theme, clothes and general behavior. But as it is a fantasy genre manga/, over there are several inconsistencies such as chainsaws, cell-phones and semiautomatic tools that space incorporated.

In most fantasy themed works, history is payment homage and is eluded to quite than portrayed accurately.

While looking up "cell phones" will certainly come up with 1973, Sebastian was not utilizing a cell phone. Cell phones and also the phone he provided is different, and also cell phones were no invented ago then. However, the did have phones and it was designed in 1876.

I haven"t read the manga, however as pointed out in one more answer, the couldn"t have been a cellphone. As displayed in the, the isn"t a cellphone and also they quite can"t adjust the plot the much.

If I"m right, this all was as soon as Ciel was captured.

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Black Butler does take place as the says. Browsing up "When was the very first phone invented?" will certainly return in march 10, 1876.

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I psychic in the second episode that the, they had actually one that the phones that are shown in the images, however it wasn"t a cabinet phone. Ns just had it in a bag to assist transport it.

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