Dragon ball Super: Every Time son ogong Turned supervisor Saiyan God (In Chronological Order) Dragon sphere Z: Resurrection F presented Super Saiyan Blue, yet Goku would still use Super Saiyan God when in a while.

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Every Time son ogong Turned supervisor Saiyan God
Goku becoming a supervisor Saiyan God in Dragon ball Z: battle of Gods was an undeniable game-changer. It to be the an initial Saiyan transformation that provided god ki and also looked drastically various than any type of previous super Saiyan form, giving the user a leaner physique (rather than a more muscular one) and transforming their hair and eyes red, rather than gold and also green.

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Dragon sphere Z: Resurrection F, however, presented the even-stronger super Saiyan Blue, which became Goku’s predominant transformation in Dragon sphere Super. However he would still usage Super Saiyan God once in a when —not simply as an Easter Egg, but also for helpful purposes.

In all versions the Battle of Gods, son ogong summoned Shenron come ask him around the super Saiyan God, who defined it to be a revolution a kindhearted Saiyan could perform by taking part in a routine with 5 other benevolent Saiyans. With the surprise assist of the not-yet-born Pan, Goku came to be a at sight Saiyan God himself.

In the movie and the Dragon round Super anime, the revolution eventually wore off without goku realizing it, but the experience had made Goku’s base and Super Saiyan form much stronger, allowing him to proceed battling Beerus. In the manga, however, Goku remained a supervisor Saiyan God the whole fight.

Beerus and also Super Saiyan God Goku
when Goku had unwittingly powered under from super Saiyan God in the Battle that Gods movie and the Dragon ball Super television series, he did use the transformation one critical time in the previous to avoid Beerus indigenous annihilating Earth. However while Goku’s stamin as a consistent Super Saiyan had grown immensely thanks to his human body “learning” from having actually been a supervisor Saiyan God, he to be unable to avoid Beerus’ assault in his first golden-haired form.

Only once Goku saw picture of Chi-Chi and his girlfriend calling his surname was that able come once an ext become a at sight Saiyan God and finally nullify Beerus’ attack.

during Beerus and Champa’s tournament, son ogong only offered two the his changes in the anime: the original Super Saiyan kind and super Saiyan Blue. As soon as fighting hit in the tournament’s penultimate match, Goku also boosted at sight Saiyan blue’s power through the Kaio-Ken.

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Goku did not usage the Kaio-Ken in the manga, however, instead including one an ext transformation to the fight: at sight Saiyan God. The readjust finally forced Hit to protect against holding back and reveal his full power. He then performed one last Time-Skip, but Goku actually “broke through” it by ending up being a supervisor Saiyan Blue at the last instant.

10 When He Sparred with Future Trunks (Manga)

Super Saiyan God son ogong kicking Trunks
In the Dragon sphere Super anime and manga, Trunks and Goku started their sparring enhance as supervisor Saiyan 2s. The enhance abruptly finished in the anime when Goku ended up being a super Saiyan 3, easily exceeding trunks’ power.

As for the manga, however, Vegeta claimed Trunks’ supervisor Saiyan 2 kind equaled Goku’s supervisor Saiyan 3. Goku, probably agreeing, finished the complement quickly, dodging Trunks’ sword strike prior to kicking the back of his head. Though Goku’s complete body was not fully shown, the telltale sparkles of the super Saiyan God aura could be seen approximately his foot… other Beerus and Whis both noticed, yet Trunks go not.

supervisor Saiyan God changed in the manga variation of the Future Trunks arc. Replicating Goku’s strategy from the competition of Destroyers, Vegeta became a supervisor Saiyan God to conserve stamina yet kept transforming Super Saiyan Blue momentarily before hitting goku Black.

Goku, conversely, supplied the supervisor Saiyan God type out of necessity, rather than strategy. Can not to catch Future Zamasu through the evil Containment tide as a supervisor Saiyan Blue, Goku ongoing fighting together a at sight Saiyan God instead, as the containment technique had depleted his energy. The type was enough against Zamasu, however… the was, until he Potara fused v Goku Black.

8 once He Fought Top at The Zeno Expo (Manga)

as soon as Goku and also Top battled in anime’s Zen Expo, son ogong only offered the super Saiyan transformation, i beg your pardon Top quickly overpowered, and Super Saiyan Blue, which peak struggled to save up with.

In the manga, Goku offered all his accessible transformations, in ~ the Omni Kings’ request. This contained Super Saiyan God, which goku turned into when he experienced that even Super Saiyan 3 was ineffective versus Top (a.k.a. “Toppo”). Beerus climate pressured goku into becoming Super Saiyan Blue because that a fast win; instead, Top beat Super Saiyan Blue Goku v one kick… but admitted he would have lost had Goku hit him instead.

fight had lastly turned the tables top top Dyspo throughout the tournament of Power, tricking the rabbit-like warrior right into falling out of the ring. However Dyspo’s other Pride Trooper, K’nsi, supplied his power threads to traction Dyspo ago up and also inhibit Hit’s movements. Just as Dyspo was about to assault Hit, goku rocketed onto the step in his supervisor Saiyan God form, prevent Dyspo’s punch.

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From there, Goku largely remained in the at sight Saiyan God form, switching briefly to supervisor Saiyan Blue to capture Dyspo off-guard and also to block K’nsi’s threads, and also to outrace your explosions.

6 when He tested Jiren’s strength (Anime)

Goku had actually been interested in fighting Jiren in the tournament of Power since they met; follow to Krillin, the interest was mutual. While fighting Ribrianne, son ogong crossed Jiren’s path, prompting Belmod (Universe 11’s God the Destruction) come order Jiren to fight the Saiyan at last.

First, however, Jiren enabled Goku to try out at sight Saiyan 1 and also 2 ~ above him, together a check of strength. Goku then skipped supervisor Saiyan 3 and also jumped to his an initial god form, in reality forcing Jiren to begin blocking… albeit with minimal effort. Note that even Super Saiyan God wasn’t enough, Goku ultimately powered as much as Super Saiyan Blue.

son ogong had little time to rest after his an initial encounter with Jiren prior to facing the an unified might of cosmos 6’s Kale and Caulifla. Though son ogong took rather of a mentorship duty with them, reflecting them various other Super Saiyan changes they could reach, the two were still set on beating Goku in battle.

At first, Goku seemed unable to sustain a transformation beyond super Saiyan 2 for lengthy periods, yet as his fight with Kale and also Caulifla continued, he eventually recovered enough stamina to walk Super Saiyan God. The tables rotate in Goku’s favor till Caulifla and also Kale fused right into Kefla, rendering Super Saiyan God ineffective.

4 once He faced Off versus Agnilasa (Anime)

Team cosmos 3 had currently begun upping the ante in the competition of Power once several that its robot battle aircraft fused right into the powerhouse warrior Koicéareta. As soon as that wasn’t enough, the robots" creator, Dr. Paparoni, merged with Koicéareta to end up being the gigantic and even an ext powerful Agnilasa.

Goku transformed into Super Saiyan God and also tried attacking together with his staying teammates, however Agnilasa easily took them all at once. Once the beastial cyborg unleashed a an effective energy round that could’ve ruined the stage, goku realized he could no much longer remain a supervisor Saiyan God, powering approximately Blue while several of his teammates transformed as well.

together fans understand well, Goku seldom fights at complete power ideal away, preferring instead to first study his enemy. Things were no different in Dragon round Super: Broly, where Goku began fighting Broly in his base form. After watching Broly’s power rise dramatically, however, son ogong upped the ante, an initial becoming a consistent Super Saiyan prior to finally awakening his supervisor Saiyan God form.

Goku then held Broly quiet for numerous moments in an energy field and tried to speak him down. However Broly was also consumed by his very own rage come listen, actually turning the God bind field back on Goku and also giving him quite a thrashing.

2 as soon as Moro took in His & Vegeta’s power (manga)

after ~ fighting the evil wizard Moro in space, the grand Supreme Kai (in Buu’s body) teleported the villain to the planet’s surface so Goku and also Vegeta could join in.

By then, however, Moro had currently asked Porunga to grant his three wishes… including freeing the Galactic Patrol’s fiercest prisoners. The escaped convicts join Moro, causing Goku and also Vegeta to instantly power as much as Blue. Yet they unwillingly retrogressed come God form, together Moro had actually begun soaking up their energy. Goku and "Buu" were eventually forced come retreat through Merus and also Jaco’s help, when Vegeta left v Galactic Patrolman Irico to Yardrat.

Goku easily realized Galactic Patrol Officer Merus to be concealing his true power. After ~ Merus dodged among his punches, Goku said they uncover a location where he can get a far better feel because that Merus’ strength. Merus took them to a training room plank the Galactic Patrol’s main base, where they began their match.

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Unable come hit Merus also as a supervisor Saiyan 3, son ogong powered as much as Super Saiyan God, yet stopped once Jaco noted that the room was unable to stand up to Goku’s strength for much longer. Son ogong then request Merus to help him perfect Ultra Instinct: fitting, together Merus was secretly an Angel.

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