Name the 3 significant divisions the the ear.

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External, middle and internal.
Name the 3 parts of the exterior ear.Auricle (pinna), outside auditory canal, eardrum (tympanic membrane)
Connects middle ear through nasopharynx.Auditory (Eustachian) tube.
Name the 3 tiny bones that the center ear.Malleus (hammer), incus (anvil), stapes (stirrup)
The basic of the stapes fits right into the ___ window.Oval window
Name the 3 significant parts of the interior ear (labyrinth).Vestibule, semicircular canals, cochlea
The portion of the internal ear that includes the hearing receptor is the ___.Cochlea
Equlibrium receptors are found in which 2 main parts that the inner ear.Vestibule and also semicircular canals
The 3 channels within the cochlea are:Scala vestibuli, scala tympani, scala media (cochlear duct)
The details name that the structure containing the hearing receptors is the ____ ____ the ____.Spiral organ of Corti
All sound waves originate from a ____ object.Vibrating
The unit of measure up for the frequency of vibration of sound waves is the:Hertz (Hz)
The variety of person hearing is roughly ___ come ____ Hz.20 to 20,000
Frequency that vibration determines even if it is we have the right to hear the sound or not; it likewise determines the ___ the sounds us hear.Pitch
Intensity the sound is measure up in ____.Decibels (dB)
Equilibrium receptors located in the vestibule area space in 2 membranous sacs, the ___ and also the __.Utricle and also saccule
The details structures the contain the revolution equilibrium receptors space the ___.Maculae
Dynamic equilibrium receptor are located in the ampullae of the semicircular ___.Ducts---canals are the tunnels in bone, ducts are the membranous tubes in ~ them.
Tilting the head front or was standing in an elevator going under activates the ___ equilibrium receptors.Static
Going around the entrance ramp to an federal government or rotate in a desk chair activates the ___ equilibrium receptors.Dynamic
Dynamic equilibrium receptors are in details structures called ____.Cristae
The gelatinous great of the revolution equilibrium receptor is dubbed the ____ ____.Otolithic membrane
The gelatinous class of the dynamic equilibrium receptor is referred to as the ___.Cupula
The area that the brain involved come a great extent with our feeling of equilibrium is the ___.Cerebellum
Our feeling of hearing is focused in the ___ lobe the the brain.Temporal lobe that cortex
The spiral body organ rests ~ above the ____ membrane.

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The ___ membrane floats in endolymph just above the hair cells of the spiral organ.Tectorial
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