Definition noun, plural: chemoreceptors (1) A sensory nerve cabinet or feeling organ, as of smell, or taste, that room able come detect and also respond to chemistry stimuli. (2) A sensory receptor the detects chemical stimuli in the environment and also relay that info to the main nervous system. Supplement Two main classes of chemoreceptors room direct and also distance. Instances of direct chemoreceptors are taste buds, which room sensitive to chemistry in the mouth, and also the carotid bodies and also aortic goodies the detect transforms in pH within the body. Instances of street chemoreceptors are olfactory cells, which detect certain chemicals in the air, and neurons in the vomeronasal body organ that recognize pheromones. Word origin: chem-, extract from chemical + so late ME receptour Related forms: chemoreception (noun). Synonym: chemosensor. See also: feeling organ.

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