* If you’re here looking for arrowhead symbol -> this have the right to be typed the end by pressing the “sto->” key right over the on button on your TI-84 Plus.*

The TI-84 has a bunch of different characters and functions the aren’t constantly easy to find. This tutorial will certainly teach you exactly how to kind things favor “?“, “!” or “” and many more. Us will additionally show you how to uncover functions choose “ClrHome” “gcd(” and all the rest of the developed in features on the TI-84.

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Luckily there is an easy way to find any character that you room looking for. The TI-84 has actually a builtin list of all the points that girlfriend can kind out. To accessibility this perform all you have to do is push <2nd>  (or <2nd> <0>). Climate the calculator will take you to the display screen shown below.


How To usage The brochure To uncover Charters/Symbols.

The brochure list is filled greatly with functions, every the personalities are in ~ the bottom. Girlfriend don’t have to scroll with the entire list to accessibility the characters though. All you have to do is press the once you get in the catalog and also the calculator will certainly take you come the bottom of the list.


If friend don’t check out the symbol you are in search of right away, just keep scrolling up and also you will ultimately run right into the one you space looking for.

How To use The brochure To discover Functions

This is a super long list of functions which can take a if to role through. However there is one easy means to run to what you room looking for. The list is organized alphabetically. Every you have to do is kind in the very first letter of every little thing it is the you are looking for and the calculator will jump to the spot in the list. DO NOT press  before the letter when you are looking in the catalog, it will already be turned on once you open up the catalog.

Once you push the letter you will jump to the first item in the alphabetical section. Climate if the item friend are searching for isn’t an initial on the perform you will need to scroll come the items you are looking for. For example if ns was trying to find the function “fPart(” i would open up the brochure then push the “F” key. Doing this would certainly take me to the screen shown below.


You might notice that we’re not quite to the “fPart(” section yet. All you have to do is keep scrolling down and you will get to the function you want.

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Once you have the pointer on the function you want, simply press enter and the character will be put into wherever you were last typing.


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