Where Is Hell On wheels Filmed: All areas Hell On wheel is an acclaimed AMC western collection starring Anson Mount, and here"s some of the an essential locations whereby it to be filmed.

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Here"s whereby AMC"s western series Hell top top Wheels to be shot. Hell on Wheels debuted ago in 2011 and also revolves approximately former Confederate soldier Cullen, play by Anson mountain (Star Trek: Discovery), that is seeking revenge because that his murdered family during the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad. The collection was other of a star-making duty for Mount, that was previously best known because that playing small villainous supporting roles in movies prefer Safe and Non-Stop alongside Liam Neeson.

Hell top top Wheels received great reviews because that its writing and also production design and came come an end in 2016 after 5 seasons. Anson mountain didn"t have an excellent luck through his first leading role in a collection after the display ended, through Inhuman"s being a superhero show set in the MCU that was greeted v universally negative reviews and only lasted because that one season. He fared much far better with his season 2 duty on Star Trek: Discovery as Captain Christopher Pike, the initial captain that the USS Enterprise. Mountain was thought about a major highlight that the season, resulting in talk the a possible Pike spinoff in the future.

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Hell on Wheels to be a gritty, rugged collection that never ever shied away from the harsh realities that the railroad"s construction or the era that was collection in. The display needed a landscape to twin for Wyoming, which it discovered by filming on place in Calgary and also other locations about Alberta, Canada. Other westerns such as Kevin Costner"s Open Range or Unforgiven had previously made use of the scenery.

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later seasons the Hell on Wheels were shot near Calgary"s Bow River, though production was required to closeup of the door down throughout filming ~ above season 3 because of severe floods in Alberta in 2013. For season 5, the Kananaskis country park system was supplied to was standing in because that the Sierra Nevada mountains, wherein the rail had evolved to. It also filmed on the CL western Town and also backlot that was home to other movies and TV shows favor Wynonna Earp. The showrunners would later praise Calgary for their efforts in help to carry the collection to life, and also it"s hard to imagine the collection feeling as huge and epic without this backdrop.

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While Hell on Wheels finished with Cullen still among the living, it seems unlikely another season will happen. There to be reports the a spinoff that could jump years ahead, but because the collection came come an end earlier in 2016, there"s been no authorize of any kind of continuation; possibly the present really has reached the finish of the line.